April: New Products

Doing a 360°
Early Warning Signals (EWS) sirens from Edwards Signaling & Security Systems project a clear and powerful decibel level in all directions simultaneously. This 360§ omni-directional advantage means that emergency warnings are communicated without a distorting peaking-and-ebbing effect. The Series ranges from the single-tone compact EWS-V1 models, rated at 107 dB, for large industrial facilities or small communities, to the single-tone EWS-V3 units featuring projectors in an 8-horn, equal length, single-row configuration, rated at 112 and 118 dB, for warning over long distances. Dual-tone models range from the EWS-V4 Series, rated at 115 dB, to the 125 dB EWS-V8-3, the largest omni-directional siren in existence. Decibel ratings for wide area signals are calculated at 100 ft. or 30.5 m. For more information, visit: www.edwards- signals.com.

A Very Smart Knight
Silent Knight offers industry-wide compatible fire alarm solutions for small to mid-size institutions and commercial sites with its IntelliKnight Series. The IntelliKnight line of products features three control panels - the 5700 for smaller applications, the 5808 for medium size applications, and the 5820XL for larger applications. Each of these innovative fire systems deliver state of the art capabilities in a cost-effective package.

No twisted or shielded cable is required to install any of the products in the IntelliKnight line. Standard wiring helps reduce installation costs on new installations and greatly speeds up retrofit jobs where cable has already been run for an existing system. This enables users to upgrade an older conventional fire system for less money.

All products in the IntelliKnight series feature drift compensation to maintain detector sensitivity at the proper level and reduce the occurrence of false alarms due to dirty, dust-contaminated smoke detectors. With drift compensation, the products can pinpoint detectors that are approaching the limits of normal operation before a false alarm occurs by alerting the user of the problematic detector with pinpoint addressable accuracy. The alert is sent on-site via a trouble indication, or remotely via the built in digital communicator. For more information, visit www.silentknight.com.

The Protection of Automatic Fire Venting
The Lumivent domed automatic fire vent from the Bilco Company provides natural daylight, energy efficiency, and the protection of automatic fire venting, at competitive pricing. It features translucent Lexan Thermoclear glazing, a polycarbonate material manufactured by General Electric. The vent's design provides a sleeker look to roofs and its multi-wall cover construction provides an increase of over 40 percent in insulation performance when compared to traditional domes. Thermoclear maximizes light transmittance while minimizing solar heat gain and is surface treated to prevent ultraviolet degradation.

As with all Bilco automatic fire vents, the Lumivent is designed to open automatically in the event of fire, allowing smoke, heat and gases to escape from a burning building, assisting firefighters in their containment efforts. Fire vents are ideally suited for buildings with large expanses of unobstructed space such as factories, warehouses, auditoriums and retail facilities. For more information, visit www.bilco.com.

A Single Point of Control
NOTIFIER announces ONYXWorks, a PC-based graphical workstation. Integrating fire alarm, security, card access, CCTV and other important information, this new technology acts as a single point of control for life safety and security systems located throughout a building.

ONYXWorks is a solid retrofit solution, integrating existing fire alarm panels- both NOTIFIER and other manufacturer's-with other security and life safety systems. ONYXWorks, both UL- and ULC-listed, allows authorized users to monitor and manage everything over a proprietary or local network, even remote sites, all from a single PC.

The graphic workstation monitors and displays floor plans for fire and non-fire reporting, as well as event history. Any potential emergency situations are immediately displayed on- screen as priority events, allowing emergency personnel to quickly identify and investigate them. ONYXWorks allows responders to locate the precise location of concern using a detailed map of the building and event location. For more information, visit www.notifier.com.

Entry Level Digital Lockset
The new SDC EntryCheck E72-32 is an indoor/outdoor standalone digital lockset designed and priced for entry-level applications. Management features include keypad programmability, 32 user codes, 3-10 digit code length, temporary user codes, multiple management and user groups, scheduled holidays, manually activated passage and lockout modes and first manager to arrive. Mechanical features include a 16-button alpha-numeric keypad, clutch for vandal resistance, a weatherized heavy-duty solid die cast housing, and choice of cylindrical or mortise ANSI Grade 1 heavy-duty lockset. 4 'AA' batteries are included. For more information, visit www.sdcsecurity.com.

Electric Hinge UL Listed For Fire Rated Doors
The new SDC PTH Series electric power transfer hinge is UL 10B listed and bears the 'F' mark for use on 3 Hr fire rated door. It has been tested for 800,000 cycles and is covered by a wire replacement warranty. Installed in the center hinge position of the door, PTH series electric hinges provide the concealed wires required between the door and the frame for the purpose of powering and monitoring access controlled locks. Standard weight, 4.5" x 4.5" hinges include choice of 4-wires or 10-wires. Options include integrated door status switch for remote door open/closed status and heavy weight models. SDC electric hinges are ideally suited for use with electrified mortise and cylindrical locks, delayed egress exit devices, electric trim and electric strikes installed on pairs of doors. For more information, visit www.sdcsecurity.com.

Covers That Protect
The Horn/Strobe Damage Stoppers from Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI) protect horn/strobe units against vandalism and damage. This line of tough covers provides maximum protection to horn/strobe notification appliances of the new generation. These indestructible, UL Listed covers are slotted for horn or speaker units and solid for strobe-only alarms. They are molded of clear, thick, UV-stabilized polycarbonate material and are backed by a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal use. Covers allow easy access for service and the polycarbonate is tested -40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 49°C).

Many tough, clear spacers are available for larger strobe/horn units, retrofits, surface mount and weather resistant applications. Unique Enviro Kits are available for extreme conditions where dampness, water or dust is present. Sound and light loss does occur. For more information, visit www.sti-usa.com.

Mechanical Heat Detectors
System Sensor's new 5600 Series mechanical heat detectors include four single-circuit and four dual-circuit models, offered with either fixed temperature or combination fixed/rate-of-rise sensors, in either 135-degree or 194-degree temperature ratings. The 5600 Series features greater back box mount- ing options, a reversible mounting bracket for flush-or surface-mount installations, SEMS-type screw terminals, clearer external identification, and an aesthetic design that's similar to a smoke detector. For more information, visit www.systemsensor.com.

Smokes For Open Space, High Ceiling Installations
System Sensor single-ended, reflected-type Beam Smoke Detectors protect open areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain. They feature a 4-wire design and are easier to install than dual-ended projected beam detectors because alignment is accomplished via an optical sight and a built-in, two-digit signal strength meter. Available with an integral sensitivity test module, these detectors provide 16 to 328-foot protection coverage in a broad operating temperature range (-22§ F to 131§ F) to give early warning in environments where temperatures reach extremes.

The Beam Smoke Detectors have four standard sensitivity selections along with two Acclimate settings that automatically adjust sensitivity using advanced software algorithms to select the optimum level for a specific environment. They're available as either conventional or intelligent models and can be equipped with an integral sensitivity test feature that consists of a test filter attached to a servo motor inside the detector optics. For more information, visit www.systemsensor.com.

Cozying Up To Fireblankets
Fireblankets, Inc. offers several varieties of blankets designed to protect in different instances of fire. They include Kitchen Fireblankets (for both Residential - packaged in a canister or wall mounted, and Commercial uses), the Fire Safety Utility Blanket, and the Fire Rescue Blanket (FRB).

Fireblankets are made from amorphous silicon cloths and felts, which are fire- proof and impervious to direct flame contact. Unlike fire extinguishers, Fireblankets never lose their charge, are easier to use and reusable. There's no messy clean up involved and they can be used on any type of fire, including oil and grease. When used as designed, Kitchen Fireblankets provide valuable protection to areas that are susceptible to rapid fire spread and destruction such as homes, RVs, boats commercial and institutional kitchens.

The Fire Safety Utility Blanket provides fire protection in a variety of applications and is a valuable tool for law enforcement, the fire services, the homeowner, recreational vehicles, yacht owners and those who enjoy the pleasures of a camping fire. The FRB is an excellent tool for rescuing fire victims during the escape from structural fires. The FRB is produced from a soft and flexible cloth and can prevent catastrophic burns when in direct contact with high heat or open flame. It's a valuable fire safety device for the fire services, EMS personnel, schools, hospitals, rest homes and factory laboratories. For more information, visit www.fireblanket.com.

Security is Top Priority With Integral Technologies' DVXe
The DVXe from Integral Technologies operates on an embedded operating system for optimum stability, security and performance. The embedded operating system restricts network access to any application unrelated to Integral Technologies and limits the type of devices and third party applications able to run on the system. It completely eliminates Web browsing and e-mail applications, a major source of virus infection. By extending precise control over the hardware devices, networking components, and user interface elements, the resulting DVXe operating system is completely secure and the most dependable in its class.

Like all DVX products, the DVXe comes equipped with Integral's intuitive MasterControl surveillance software, which reduces user training time and simplifies the entire DVXe system. In addition, Integral's RemoteView software is a standard DVXe application that allows authorized users to view live and recorded video from any DVMS unit. The DVXe is available in 4, 9, 16 and 32 channel configurations and has the ability of recording up to 120 images per second. For more information, visit www.integraltech.com.

Simply Indestructible
The K1 Series 12 Pad 3x4 from Essex Electronics, Inc. is an indestructible, multi format keypad capable of providing either stand-alone access control or one of several industry standard outputs. Easily configured in the field, the K1 Series offers a migration path from a 500 user stand alone access control system to an OEM compatible Keypad Reader (26 Bit Wiegand, 8 Bit Word, BCD, Serial ASCII or ABA Track II). Constructed of stainless steel and utilizing Essex proprietary Piezoelectric Billion Cycle Switch Technology, the vandal-resistant design of the K1 Series ensures superior performance in virtually any environment. It's available with a brass finish, stainless steel or black bezel and is designed to mount to a single gang switchbox. For more information, visit www.keyless.com.