Voice Evacuation Systems: The Sounds That Lead To Safety

Voice Evac systems are considered better alternatives to traditional audible

Two Alternatives to Integrated Solutions
Gamewell's fully digital and networkable audio evacuation systems are able to support up to six channels of digital audio, including line paging and two-way telephone communications, plus various control functions, all operating simultaneously on a single pair of wires or fiber optic cables. They are offered in two alternatives: integrated solutions and audio expansion solutions. Integrated solutions are those that are integrated directly within the panel, while audio expansion solutions are in addendum to the panel.

Gamewell's new technology allows them to provide an extensive portfolio of integrated fire safety solutions for low- to mid- rise buildings and general areas of assembly, in addition to digital audio solutions for high-rise and campus applications. They can also be custom-configured for unique buildings and floor plans, or to meet local requirements for voice evacuation systems.

Integrated solutions include the IF602VE and IF610VE alternatives, which are both available with SmartScan or XP-95 SLC protocols. The IF602VE Series features a built- in 25-Watt voice system, which can be further expanded to 150 Watts and distributed over 24 evacuation zones. The IF610VE Series features up to 200 Watts of voice evacuation power in a single cabinet.

Audio expansion systems range from the 25-Watt to 150-Watt Audio Command Center (GW-ACC) to the GV System, Gamewell's state-of-the-art networked multi- channel digital voice evacuation solution. The GV System supports up to 1,000 evacuation zones, 256 distributed audio panels and 200 Watts of voice evacuation power per panel. Gamewell's audio expansion solutions are compatible with all 600 Series fire alarm control panels.
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Voice Evacuation Systems for Areas of Assembly
A complete line of Voice Evacuation Systems from Bosch can facilitate automatic alert/alarm signals, spoken instructions for evacuation or other action, and manual paging. The systems are designed for areas of assembly and high-rise structures greater than 75 feet (Examples include churches, theaters, auditoriums, restaurants, bars, museums, schools, day care centers, and malls and shopping centers.).

More than 900 combinations of digitally recorded messages, with multi-lingual capability are possible. Messages may be up to four minutes long - and are overridden by the live microphone, so critical information can be conveyed immediately. (Only the fire department may use the paging system.)

System options range from 25 to 2,000 watts of audio power. Systems can be expanded and customized.

    Other features include:
  • Delay setting between message repeats for 4-, 8-, 12 or 16 second delays.
  • Message repeat function to one, two, or three plays or "continuous" play.
  • Integral Audio amplifier.
  • Integral Digital message repeater (DMR).
  • 120 VAC power transformer and battery charger.
  • Tone generator and paging microphone.
  • Surface- or semi-flush-mounting enclosure in gray or red.

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