Hot New Products: March '05

New 19' Flat Panel CCTV Monitor
AGN Professional (AGNPRO) adds a new 19' model its popular EP Series Flat Panel Security Monitor Line. Thin and affordable, the 19' monitor with composite, S-Video, and VGA inputs is specifically designed for security video surveillance and works great with multiplexers and digital recorders. The EP Series is now available in 14', 15', 17' and 19' For more information, visit

Dual-Circuit Fuse Modules
New fuse modules from Air Products and Controls provide a safe way of protecting control and load circuits from over-current conditions. The SC-100 Series and SC-110 Series are designed to simplify the installation of fire, security and other electrical equipment. They offer two independent fuse circuits per module position. For more information, visit

Outdoor CCTV Power Supplies
Altronix Corp. introduces two new power supplies, the WPTV244300UL and WPTV244175UL designed specifically for outdoor CCTV and video surveillance applications. The new four-output UL listed outdoor units are available in two different configurations offering 24VAC or 28VAC operation with three PTC protected power limited outputs for video cameras and one fuse protected output for PTZ, heaters and other video accessories. The new four output units join Altronix's established line of eight-output outdoor power supplies. For more information, visit

Real Time Recording Across All Channels
Advanced Technology Video (ATV) introduces the Falcon FA4-120. It features video and audio inputs and four channel 120 images per second for real time recording across all channels. Archive images with the use of an integrated CDRW drive or USB output for multi media recording options. You can access recorded data through a network using the included Remote Administration Access software (RAS) and search the 120 GB data base with a traditional jog shuttle control. Four audio input channels of synchronized audio recording are standard. The unit offers a wide selection of outputs including BNC, SVHS and VGA, ensuring compatibility with all types of monitors. For more information, visit

Matching Keypads
Newly designed keypads from Bosch for the G Series control panels (D720B, D1255B, D1260B) and 6000 Series control panels (D621B, D623B, D625B) match the design appearance of Bosch's recently introduced Blue Line intrusion detectors.

The enhanced display for the D1260B has a brighter illuminated English language keypad, with a four-line by 20-character liquid crystal display (LCD). Also new is a choice of three new decorator colors for Bosch's popular D1260 Series ATM-style keypads: red, black and white. The D1260 keypad has a built-in speaker that emits seven different audible tones to convey messages. For more information, visit

Picture Perfect
P-1400 patent-pending technology from Channel Vision was designed to deliver flawless high-definition video from the output of your source to the input of your display device. To achieve this, Channel Vision has engineered an amplifier and cable that work together to distribute, with zero signal loss, a perfect picture on every install. Modern home theaters often have long cable runs from equipment to the display. Ceiling mounted projectors, in particular, often have runs of over 50 feet. Coax cables all have loss that affects the sharpness and color of the image producing a soft, less than perfect picture. Even worse, this loss is frequency dependant. HDTV bandwidths of component video make this a serious problem. The P-1400 precisely pre-tunes the signals at the beginning of a 75-foot cable so whatever goes in, comes out the other end flawlessly with component, S-video, composite and a spare wire for a trigger. For more information, visit

System Software
Compass Technologies' new software for its 5E access control system, which will be featured at ISC West, Booth 17067, incorporates an industry standard MSDE or SQL server 2000 database. The 5E software is totally modular with components running as true Windows services. It is a true enterprise system capable of supporting up to 1,024 readers and 30 workstations per server. The software is designed to efficiently handle even the heaviest transaction loads using SOAP and extensible markup language (XML). For more information, visit

An Expanding IP Family
DVTel Inc.'s new SecureLink 8500 Encoder Series is part of the expanding Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) family of components. The Series is an advanced motion detection IP-based video, audio and data video server encoder. It provides programmable motion detection and tracking, bi-directional audio, date, serial communications, and dry contact alarms in and out. It also delivers high quality video streams to the Latitude NVMS Virtual Matrix. Its powerful software significantly improves operator effectiveness in monitoring and responding to potential threats. For more information, visit

Some Like it Lite
Image Vault, a member of the FKI Security Group, introduces the Image Vault 'PRO-LITE' model. It's identical to the Image Vault 'PRO' Series, except that it does not offer interface capabilities to other devices such as access control systems, alarm panels, ATMs, and POS cash register systems. The Image Vault PRO-LITE model, Version 8.3, retains all the advantages of the Image Vault DVR, Version 8.0; including faster record rates, smaller image sizes and the migration from the Windows 98 operating system (OS) to Windows XPe. For more information, visit

Expanded Camera Line
New to the ChannelPlus line of high-performance video cameras are Models 7400B and W (black case, white case). They feature a ball-swivel design that allows the cameras to rotate within their surface-mount retaining rings so they can point in any direction.

Also new to the ChannelPlus line are bullet-style cameras on a universal mounting stand. They have an adjustable sunshade that can be removed for indoor installations. Three types of camera are available with this configuration - Model 7410 low light black & white cameras; Model 7420 color cameras; Model 7430 color cameras with automatic infrared lighting for black & white night vision. For more information, visit

Touch Sensors
G.R.I.'s new series of touch sensors are designed to replace mechanical switch type applications found in 110 Volt AC 15 AMP situations. The G.R.I. CT11 detects near proximity or touch with no moving parts.

It's designed to fit inside a standard single gang electrical box. The G.R.I. CT11 series is very desirable as an access control or an activation device when dexterity and grip strength may be an issue. The switch is activated by touching the plate. Engraved plates for 'Touch to Open,' 'Exit,' and an ADA Handicapped symbol are standard. Custom plates are also available. For more information, visit

Heavy Duty Switch
Dortronics Systems Inc. introduces the W5287 R-E-X Pushbutton switch. It can be configured for a variety of installation options including momentary or alternate-action single pole double throw (SPDT) and double pole double throw (DPDT) contacts. It's available with pneumatic or electronic adjustable time delays. When used with access control software/hardware, the DC power to the maglock is routed through one set of normally closed and common contacts to assure unlocking of the maglock when the W5287 R-E-X Pushbutton is activated. A separate set of normally open and common contacts signal the access control system of a request for access/exit (R-E-X). For more information, visit,

A Dream Come True in One Box DreamBox, the latest innovation from Perimeter Products Inc., is a real time multimedia surveillance solution that incorporates all the functions and components of an entire CCTV system into one box. A single DreamBox unit effectively replaces several independent monitoring components'workstation, videophone, intercom, audio recorder, video transmitter, VMD, digital video recorder, PTZ controller, video switcher and quad splitter'with one, all-inclusive solution. This integrated solution allows multiple users to simultaneously view, analyze, transmit, respond, record, playback, search, manage, debrief and archive data in a secure and redundant manner. In addition, each DreamBox unit performs several independent processes including audio/video compression and transmission, synchronized playback of video and audio, outdoor and indoor video motion detection and more. For more information, visit

Get The Message?
Chytv from Chyron is an advanced video messaging graphics system that works with any TV Monitor/System to advertise, entertain, inform and alert. The video message system is low-cost and versatile; it can advertise drink specials to bar patrons while watching the Super Bowl; inform travelers of schedule changes; deliver important patient information in hospitals, doctor/dentist waiting rooms as well as alert employees of potential dangers and emergency situations. ChyTV video graphics system can display messages anywhere there's a television without disrupting the video source. It's ideal for restaurants, retail stores, corporate headquarters, schools, government buildings, sports arenas, hotels, convention centers, transit stations, racetracks, amusement parks. And, with ChyTV's Alert package, it is well suited for mission critical broadcast environments such as government and military security alerts.

The ChyTV system is easy to configure in a display system or integrated into an existing video infrastructure. For more information, visit

Expanded Audio Evacuation Systems
Expanding on the features and benefits of the ACC-25/50 and ACC-25/50ZS, Fire-Lite introduces its newly distributed audio and zone splitter panels. The enhanced ACC-25/50DA audio panel increases the available wattage of the system to over 1500 watts of crystal-clear digital audio power, while the ACC-25/50ZS zone splitter panel increases the zone splitter capability up to a total of 24 separate audio circuits.

With significant technological enhancements, including full supervision in both active and standby conditions, the ACC25/50 Series provides up to five customizable messages. The system also features full manual paging to allow first responders to provide precise evacuation directions to occupants. For more information, visit

A Dome That Delivers
Extreme CCTV introduces the EX40MNX dome camera. Designed as an all-weather, vandal-resistant fixed dome, the EX40MNX incorporates a photocell-controlled mechanical filter, delivering brilliant color during day and outstanding sensitivity to IR at night. Spatially optimized LEDs deliver 35ft of evenly-distributed night vision for clear images under zero lux. For more information, visit

Magnetic Contacts For Less
Flair Electronics Inc. recently redesigned its Recessed 1' Diameter and 3/4' Diameter magnetic contacts (Part Numbers MSS100-7 and MSS200-7). The Flair Recessed Balanced Magnetic Contacts utilize two high reliability reed switches of different sensitivity encapsulated in epoxy in one case. A rare earth magnet is bonded inside an aluminum housing which threads in and out of the other recessed case. When the contact is installed and the magnet properly adjusted, one reed switch will be closed and the other open. Opening the door or window or trying to defeat the switch with another magnet will set off the alarm. For more information, visit

Zoom Lenses
Fujinon introduces a series of high-performance zoom lenses with varying degrees of focal lengths. In addition to its C55x20 series (20-1100mm, 40-2200mm with a 2x extender) and C22x17 series (17-374mm) zooms, several new lenses within the range designed for security and surveillance are now available. Crucial environments such as homeland security, airport and seaport security, harbor surveillance and air traffic control surveillance, are ideal applications for the entire product range. The new 60x zoom lens series, including the D60x12.5 '-inch super telephoto lens which is only 354 mm long, has a focal length range of 12.5mm to 1,500mm. The D60x12.5 product ranges features Iris Override and Day/Night capability with an extended focal length and a selection of control methods between conventional CCTV control and RS232C serial control. The Iris Override function allows operators to manually control iris adjustments.

Fujinon's C22x23 series also debuted recently. The 22x zoom lens is the sister model of Fujinon's C22x17 series. The C22x23 series has a focal length range of 23mm to 506mm, achieving a focal length of over 500mm in a one-inch format. Because of its extended focal range, this lens may not require a 2x extender, ensuring sharper, faster, and brighter images. C22x23 series dimensions are identical to the C22x17 series, ensuring that the lenses fit within existing housing, while delivering over a 500mm telephoto image. The C22x23 series also features Iris Override, Day Night Capability and can be controlled via a conventional CCTV control or an RS232C serial control. For more information, visit

DVR with Built-In WeB Server
EnView 8610 DVR from Entel System ((408)567-0149, is a 16 channel Windows 2000 based DVR offering 480 fps recording, 16 audio channels and PTZ camera control. Built-in motion detector can save lots of disk space along with 4 HDDs. Built-in web server allows easy access from remote for live monitoring and DVR/camera control. For more information, visit

When Compact Is Key
The new Digiplex High Density Switcher, or HDS, from GE Security is a compact, high density video switcher with expansion capability, and a single 84-inch rack that can switch 1024 inputs into 256 outputs. The Digiplex HDS's main chassis measures a compact six rack units and holds two 3U sections. Plug-in PCB cards are used to fully expand the system. Twelve card slots (96 ports) are available for input or output in each 3U section. A maximum of 4,096 inputs by 256 outputs are possible, as is connection to as many as 32 satellite (remote) sites. The basic HDS system is made up of the HDS chassis and System Controller, which provides user access to specific features through individual password-protected accounts. For more information, visit

Good News for Small Systems
The ENCOMPASS 300 from GVI Security is designed for small system applications and delivers all you need for a 5000 user, eight door system in a single pc configuration. It's built on the industry standard Mercury Security Controllers and operates in single workstation environments. It is scaleable from a single reader up to 8 readers with over 212 inputs and 212 outputs. ENCOMPASS 300 supports all industry standard card reader technologies such as RFID, proximity, magnetic stripe, Wiegand and biometric technologies. Up to 8 different credential formats are supported simultaneously. The ENCOMPASS 300 data management system contains all the necessary configuration, transactional, asset and card holder data. It can operate in a stand alone mode without an operator and send alert messages or function in a fully staffed operations center. For more information, visit

Lighting Control Product Line
HAI is launching the HAI Lighting Control (HLC) line. This family of products includes 600 and 1000 watt switches and dimmers, an auxiliary switch, a PIM, and room and house controllers. All of the HLC products will utilize UPB, a digital communications standard for lighting and home control that ensures superior reliability. HLC products can be used as stand alone, with HAI controllers, or with other UPB compatible controllers. Standard wiring techniques are used so HLC is easily retrofitted. For more information, visit

Digital Video Manager
New from Honeywell is the Digital Video Manager (DVM) with security system integration capabilities. DVM is a scalable, digital closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system that allows operators to view, record, play back and store security video clips online or offline from a single workstation. Combining DVM with Honeywell Pro-Watch Security Management Software allows enterprise-wide CCTV and security integration. Operators can view and control all systems from a single workstation, and move cameras to simultaneously monitor all doors and hallways. With Pro-Watch, DVM can respond to alarms and events, automatically recording vital video - making the system less dependent on operator observations and enabling real-time decision making. For more information, visit

Expanding the Family
HID announces additions to its iCLASS product family that comply with the United States Government Smart Card Interoperability Specifications; (GSC-IS) and the low and medium assurance profiles of the Technical Implementation Guidance Specification. The new iCLASS GSC-compliant readers are designed specifically for U.S. government agencies and contractors adopting contactless smart card technology to meet government standard communication protocols. A key feature is the readers' ability to output Federal Agency Smart Credential Numbers (FASC-N), the primary identification string to be used on all U.S. government-issued credentials, in multiple Wiegand output configurations.

The readers are now available in HID's iCLASS reader models R10, R30, R40, and RK40 reader with keypad configurations. This allows for an easier transition for existing iCLASS installations to become fully government compliant in the future without the need to reinstall card readers or replace cards. For more information, visit

CCTV Power Supplies
Honeywell Power Products (HPP) is showcasing its CCTV Power Supply Group at ISC West, Booth # 16053. The power supplies provide a constant source of individually fused AC outputs to operate CCTV cameras and other video accessories. With both 12VDC and 24VAC, from 300ma to 8 amps of fully regulated supply current, HPP CCTV power supplies have the power to run the most demanding applications. For more information, visit

Video Software Replaces Matrix Systems
IndigoVision's digital CCTV application software, 'Control Center' provides control, administration, recording, viewing and playback of live video and audio over IP networks. It links IndigoVision's IP-based compression and network transmission technology with its unique Networked Video Recorders (NVRs) to provide a complete solution for digital CCTV.

It easily interfaces to existing analog CCTV systems and can support up to 10,000 cameras. 'Control Center' version 2.5 offers enhanced virtual matrix features including keyboard and joystick support and the addition of Guard tours, which can be automatically scheduled for different times of the day. Dual monitor support is provided which allows users to view 50 live cameras simultaneously at 25/30fps. This latest release also provides some new video management tools including automatic alarm protection and advanced motion search/detect facilities. For more information, visit

Select Your Size
ICC announces three new enclosure sizes for residential structured wiring systems. ICC's 14', 21', and 28' distribution centers allow internal modules to be mounted vertically or horizontally, facilitating easier layout and wiring of the system, while providing for optimum cable management. Its integrated snap-in module system enables users to quickly insert or move the internal modules, and its design allows for a higher number of modules than traditional enclosures.

Also new from ICC are 2GHz video splitters modules to its residential structured wiring product line. These splitters provide an excellent method of splitting incoming video signals from all HDTV, cable, satellite, UHF/VHF, or antenna systems. These wideband splitters operate between 5 MHz to 2 GHz and have no DC path. They have excellent signal quality in either digital or analog video modes. All three modules are mounted on angled brackets for improved video signal performance and better cable management. For more information, visit

Full-Function IP Dome Camera
JVC Professional Products Company releases the VN-C655 digital, IP camera. The VN-C655 communicates over a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet IP network and is an ideal camera for today's large-scale, IP-based security systems. The high-resolution camera features a 1/4' high 380,000 effective pixel CCD that offers extremely accurate color reproduction, while a 25x optical zoom lens and a 10x electronic zoom lens give the VN-C655 a total capacity of up to 250x magnification. With endless rotation functionality, the camera has the increased flexibility to very quickly reach and record images in any direction. For more information, visit

New Wireless Ceiling Mount PIR
Inovonics Wireless Corporation launches the FA206C, a 360-degree wireless PIR motion sensor. It's is a four-element intrusion detector for use in ceiling mount applications and provides protection from intruders by PYRO Sensor Element. It's equipped with a hard lens that provides wide coverage patterns even at low mounting heights.

This PIR offers automatic supervision of the radio link, allowing the system to monitor if the transmitter is functioning properly. The micro-controller PIR signal analysis increases immunity to radio frequency interference, static, temperature changes and other causes of false alarms. For more information, visit

It's Certifiable
Kaba Access Control's E-Plex E5031 Series lock is now listed in the BHMA Certified Products Directory for ANSI/BHMA A156.25 Electrified Locking Devices Grade 1. The E-Plex E5031 is the only pushbutton lock that is currently certified and listed in this BHMA Certified Products Directory category.

The E-Plex 5000 Series pushbutton locks are programmable with up to 100 access codes and a 3,000 event audit trail. They combine the simplicity and reliability of Kaba's Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks with the added security and features of electronic access control, proving that an electronic lock can be easy to install, manage and use. For more information, visit

The Latest Solutions
New from KT&C is the ACE-S38CH Series advanced camera. Touted for its versatility, it is equipped with 480 TV lines, dual voltage, line lock, and mechanical day & night (IR Cut Filter) functions.

Also new to the lineup is the S226C series which only requires 5Vs of DC power to operate, allowing it to run at a much lower power consumption rate. The S226 series cameras are available in both miniature square type and as a module, with a board lens, or the Super Cone Pinhole lens. For more information, visit

>Built For Mobility
The LCD-702 7.2' TFT LCD monitor from Matco, with a 16:9 wide color screen, is lightweight, small sized, and powered by 12 VDC, making it ideal for mobile application. The LCD-702 provides a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It has an A/V input, 2 video inputs, a built-in stereo speaker and a stereo earphone output. The brightness, color and volume are adjustable for best audio/video quality. The LCD-702 weighs in at only 1.3 lb, and measures 8.6'(W) X 5.75'(H) X 1.25'(D). With the full-angle disconnectable stand, back/bottom screw holes and stick, the monitor can be installed easily anywhere. A car cigarette charger and a wall AC power adapter are included with the package. For more information, visit

A Technological Leap
The technologically advanced DX-TL5000U from Mitsubishi offers 16 video inputs. Among its many features are: ultra fast 960/240 pictures per second live/record, expandable storage capability, multiple copy options including built in CD/DVD, and advanced networking features. For more information, visit

Add up to 8 Doors of Access Control
NAPCO Security Group, Inc. introduces GeminiAccess. NAPCO GeminiAccess Control Module, #GEM-ACM1D adds integrated access control to the burglar alarm functions of the GEM-X255 255-Zone Hybrid Control Panel, enabling the easy creation for a fast, economical seamless system with shared database and programming. Up to 8 doors of access can be added to the GEM-X255 System. Power for proximity readers and magnetic locks is built into the GEMAccess Control Module.

GeminiAccess provides controlled access to a door by releasing a mag or electric strike with a valid prox card or prox keyfob is presented to an HID or GEM-PX proximity reader. GEMINI Access enables specially authorized prox card holders to arm and disarm the system with their card. Plus, by sharing the door contact with the burglary system, one contact will both monitor the door and annunciate and report alarms and troubles. For more information, visit

The Latest in Lenses
Rainbow CCTV introduces the L212AVDC4PIR day/night varifocal IR lens, this lens corrects the focus shift that occurs when switching from visible to infrared illumination. It is designed to focus the visible and invisible infrared light rays onto a single focal plane for sharp 24/7 surveillance. This CS-mount lens is 1/3' format, 2.7~12mm F1.2 with DC auto-iris. The use of aspheric technology provides excellent sharpness, contrast and a low aperture of F1.2. Other features include locking screws and 4-pin connector. For more information, visit

An Aesthetic Keypad
The new Secured Ultra-Slim Piezo keypad is Rosslare's latest product introduction. With a face depth of only 1/2', the unit is as aesthetic as it is secure.

Combined with the PC-15T secured power supply, the Ultra-Slim is perfect for high-security installations. The unit accepts up to 500 users and has rear Tamper. For more information, visit

Feature-Rich Security Software
StarAccessPRO software from Access Technologies International, Inc. (ATI) is a cost-efficient and feature-rich security system designed for ease of setup and everyday use. Complete with access control, alarm monitoring and optional alarm video integration, it has an advanced feature-set including such items as multi-workstation support, multi-protocol panel communication, user chat and ghost cardholders. Robust integration with Microsoft's SQL Server Database, StarAccessPRO 's security and reliability is designed for the most demanding applications.

The StarAccessPRO's 32-bit software architecture was designed using Microsoft Net featuring the latest in data presentation graphical controls. With on-line help, configuring the SA-2000-II access control panel requires little or no training. For more information, visit

Mini Lock Packs a Punch
The new SDC Mini Exit Check 1581S Series Delayed Egress Lock features several new attributes, including a smaller and slimmer housing that incorporates a 650lb holding force magnetic lock, 15 second exit delay, lock status outputs, access and REX input, a more subdued alarm tone, and economical price. The Mini Exit Check features a field selectable 'manual power-up' after power loss or emergency release. Despite its small size, the Mini Exit Check contains all the capabilities found in larger, higher holding force delayed egress locks. For more information, visit

The Trigon Minipak WG is a hands-free, multi-number, Telephone Entry System for resident/visitor control. Visitors contact the desired resident by entering a simple directory code listed on the unit's directory.

The resident then grants or denies access. The resident can utilize keyless entry by using the individually assigned access code entered on the Minipak keypad. TrigonLink programming software is available for direct RS-232 interface or optional modem interface.

The Minipak WG has a capacity of up to 400* telephone numbers and up to 400* personal entry codes. It is constructed of rugged materials and is well suited to the access needs of residential and commercial properties.

Its long-lasting, brush-finish, stainless steel housing and backlit directory with thick acrylic lens offers decades of durable service. It is also available in 125, 200 and 300 unit capacity

The Minipak WG is equipped with valuable features and options that provide a wide range of guest and resident control including doors, gates, security lighting, camera, and more. For more information, visit

Auditable Evidence
Regulatory compliance requirements and security policies are demanding that organizations maintain effective controls over who has access to sensitive corporate information and personal data about employees and customers. Systems must limit access to only authorized users and organizations must be able to provide auditable evidence that these controls are in place. Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley specifically states that management must assess the effectiveness of internal controls on an annual basis. In addition, organizations must be able to report which internal users currently have, and had in the past, access to sensitive data.

The ID Certify software suite from M-Tech is designed to help financial and corporate institutions come into compliance with legislation such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA and CFR Part 11. According to Rob Miller, vp of marketing for M-Tech, 'You must employ the best security possible. It's going around the globe. Compliance Management is a strong driver for organizations looking for Identity Management solutions.'

ID Certify enables companies and their senior management to easily automate and authenticate user access rights across the enterprise. It requires that managers at each level check in regularly on the access rights of their staff. No manager can sign in until the managers below them have signed off and this works up the organizational chart until the final signoff is made by the CEO or CFO. In addition, the ID Certify software enhances network security by identifying and removing all orphan and dormant accounts and results in a completely clean set of user access and privileges data in existing authentication, authorization and audit (AAA) systems. For more information, visit

New Line of Digital Servers
Vicon Industries Inc. introduces the new Kollector Network Server, a line of digital servers that utilizes ViconNet, a powerful network concept that allows each Kollector Network Server (KNS) to record and transmit video over the network to ViconNet Video Management Workstations or Kollector Elite Digital Video Recorders. The Kollector Pro Digital Recording System is now also available with audio capability.

The 'V' line of Kollector Pros provide simultaneous recording of 4, 8 or 16 channels (model dependent) of audio. Data storage is 0.7 GB/12 hour day/microphone. All the features of the standard Kollector Pro recorders are retained in the versions with audio. Kollector Pro includes an integrated GUI for system configuration/playback/record on a SVGA monitor. For more information, visit us at