Hot New Products: March '05

New 19' Flat Panel CCTV Monitor AGN Professional (AGNPRO) adds a new 19' model its popular EP Series Flat Panel Security Monitor Line. Thin and affordable, the 19' monitor with composite, S-Video, and VGA inputs is specifically designed for...

A Dream Come True in One Box DreamBox, the latest innovation from Perimeter Products Inc., is a real time multimedia surveillance solution that incorporates all the functions and components of an entire CCTV system into one box. A single DreamBox unit effectively replaces several independent monitoring components'workstation, videophone, intercom, audio recorder, video transmitter, VMD, digital video recorder, PTZ controller, video switcher and quad splitter'with one, all-inclusive solution. This integrated solution allows multiple users to simultaneously view, analyze, transmit, respond, record, playback, search, manage, debrief and archive data in a secure and redundant manner. In addition, each DreamBox unit performs several independent processes including audio/video compression and transmission, synchronized playback of video and audio, outdoor and indoor video motion detection and more. For more information, visit

Get The Message?
Chytv from Chyron is an advanced video messaging graphics system that works with any TV Monitor/System to advertise, entertain, inform and alert. The video message system is low-cost and versatile; it can advertise drink specials to bar patrons while watching the Super Bowl; inform travelers of schedule changes; deliver important patient information in hospitals, doctor/dentist waiting rooms as well as alert employees of potential dangers and emergency situations. ChyTV video graphics system can display messages anywhere there's a television without disrupting the video source. It's ideal for restaurants, retail stores, corporate headquarters, schools, government buildings, sports arenas, hotels, convention centers, transit stations, racetracks, amusement parks. And, with ChyTV's Alert package, it is well suited for mission critical broadcast environments such as government and military security alerts.

The ChyTV system is easy to configure in a display system or integrated into an existing video infrastructure. For more information, visit

Expanded Audio Evacuation Systems
Expanding on the features and benefits of the ACC-25/50 and ACC-25/50ZS, Fire-Lite introduces its newly distributed audio and zone splitter panels. The enhanced ACC-25/50DA audio panel increases the available wattage of the system to over 1500 watts of crystal-clear digital audio power, while the ACC-25/50ZS zone splitter panel increases the zone splitter capability up to a total of 24 separate audio circuits.

With significant technological enhancements, including full supervision in both active and standby conditions, the ACC25/50 Series provides up to five customizable messages. The system also features full manual paging to allow first responders to provide precise evacuation directions to occupants. For more information, visit

A Dome That Delivers
Extreme CCTV introduces the EX40MNX dome camera. Designed as an all-weather, vandal-resistant fixed dome, the EX40MNX incorporates a photocell-controlled mechanical filter, delivering brilliant color during day and outstanding sensitivity to IR at night. Spatially optimized LEDs deliver 35ft of evenly-distributed night vision for clear images under zero lux. For more information, visit

Magnetic Contacts For Less
Flair Electronics Inc. recently redesigned its Recessed 1' Diameter and 3/4' Diameter magnetic contacts (Part Numbers MSS100-7 and MSS200-7). The Flair Recessed Balanced Magnetic Contacts utilize two high reliability reed switches of different sensitivity encapsulated in epoxy in one case. A rare earth magnet is bonded inside an aluminum housing which threads in and out of the other recessed case. When the contact is installed and the magnet properly adjusted, one reed switch will be closed and the other open. Opening the door or window or trying to defeat the switch with another magnet will set off the alarm. For more information, visit

Zoom Lenses
Fujinon introduces a series of high-performance zoom lenses with varying degrees of focal lengths. In addition to its C55x20 series (20-1100mm, 40-2200mm with a 2x extender) and C22x17 series (17-374mm) zooms, several new lenses within the range designed for security and surveillance are now available. Crucial environments such as homeland security, airport and seaport security, harbor surveillance and air traffic control surveillance, are ideal applications for the entire product range. The new 60x zoom lens series, including the D60x12.5 '-inch super telephoto lens which is only 354 mm long, has a focal length range of 12.5mm to 1,500mm. The D60x12.5 product ranges features Iris Override and Day/Night capability with an extended focal length and a selection of control methods between conventional CCTV control and RS232C serial control. The Iris Override function allows operators to manually control iris adjustments.