Hot New Products: March '05

New 19' Flat Panel CCTV Monitor AGN Professional (AGNPRO) adds a new 19' model its popular EP Series Flat Panel Security Monitor Line. Thin and affordable, the 19' monitor with composite, S-Video, and VGA inputs is specifically designed for...

An Aesthetic Keypad
The new Secured Ultra-Slim Piezo keypad is Rosslare's latest product introduction. With a face depth of only 1/2', the unit is as aesthetic as it is secure.

Combined with the PC-15T secured power supply, the Ultra-Slim is perfect for high-security installations. The unit accepts up to 500 users and has rear Tamper. For more information, visit

Feature-Rich Security Software
StarAccessPRO software from Access Technologies International, Inc. (ATI) is a cost-efficient and feature-rich security system designed for ease of setup and everyday use. Complete with access control, alarm monitoring and optional alarm video integration, it has an advanced feature-set including such items as multi-workstation support, multi-protocol panel communication, user chat and ghost cardholders. Robust integration with Microsoft's SQL Server Database, StarAccessPRO 's security and reliability is designed for the most demanding applications.

The StarAccessPRO's 32-bit software architecture was designed using Microsoft Net featuring the latest in data presentation graphical controls. With on-line help, configuring the SA-2000-II access control panel requires little or no training. For more information, visit

Mini Lock Packs a Punch
The new SDC Mini Exit Check 1581S Series Delayed Egress Lock features several new attributes, including a smaller and slimmer housing that incorporates a 650lb holding force magnetic lock, 15 second exit delay, lock status outputs, access and REX input, a more subdued alarm tone, and economical price. The Mini Exit Check features a field selectable 'manual power-up' after power loss or emergency release. Despite its small size, the Mini Exit Check contains all the capabilities found in larger, higher holding force delayed egress locks. For more information, visit

The Trigon Minipak WG is a hands-free, multi-number, Telephone Entry System for resident/visitor control. Visitors contact the desired resident by entering a simple directory code listed on the unit's directory.

The resident then grants or denies access. The resident can utilize keyless entry by using the individually assigned access code entered on the Minipak keypad. TrigonLink programming software is available for direct RS-232 interface or optional modem interface.

The Minipak WG has a capacity of up to 400* telephone numbers and up to 400* personal entry codes. It is constructed of rugged materials and is well suited to the access needs of residential and commercial properties.

Its long-lasting, brush-finish, stainless steel housing and backlit directory with thick acrylic lens offers decades of durable service. It is also available in 125, 200 and 300 unit capacity

The Minipak WG is equipped with valuable features and options that provide a wide range of guest and resident control including doors, gates, security lighting, camera, and more. For more information, visit

Auditable Evidence
Regulatory compliance requirements and security policies are demanding that organizations maintain effective controls over who has access to sensitive corporate information and personal data about employees and customers. Systems must limit access to only authorized users and organizations must be able to provide auditable evidence that these controls are in place. Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley specifically states that management must assess the effectiveness of internal controls on an annual basis. In addition, organizations must be able to report which internal users currently have, and had in the past, access to sensitive data.

The ID Certify software suite from M-Tech is designed to help financial and corporate institutions come into compliance with legislation such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA and CFR Part 11. According to Rob Miller, vp of marketing for M-Tech, 'You must employ the best security possible. It's going around the globe. Compliance Management is a strong driver for organizations looking for Identity Management solutions.'