Hot New Products: March '05

New 19' Flat Panel CCTV Monitor AGN Professional (AGNPRO) adds a new 19' model its popular EP Series Flat Panel Security Monitor Line. Thin and affordable, the 19' monitor with composite, S-Video, and VGA inputs is specifically designed for...

ID Certify enables companies and their senior management to easily automate and authenticate user access rights across the enterprise. It requires that managers at each level check in regularly on the access rights of their staff. No manager can sign in until the managers below them have signed off and this works up the organizational chart until the final signoff is made by the CEO or CFO. In addition, the ID Certify software enhances network security by identifying and removing all orphan and dormant accounts and results in a completely clean set of user access and privileges data in existing authentication, authorization and audit (AAA) systems. For more information, visit

New Line of Digital Servers
Vicon Industries Inc. introduces the new Kollector Network Server, a line of digital servers that utilizes ViconNet, a powerful network concept that allows each Kollector Network Server (KNS) to record and transmit video over the network to ViconNet Video Management Workstations or Kollector Elite Digital Video Recorders. The Kollector Pro Digital Recording System is now also available with audio capability.

The 'V' line of Kollector Pros provide simultaneous recording of 4, 8 or 16 channels (model dependent) of audio. Data storage is 0.7 GB/12 hour day/microphone. All the features of the standard Kollector Pro recorders are retained in the versions with audio. Kollector Pro includes an integrated GUI for system configuration/playback/record on a SVGA monitor. For more information, visit us at