Consumer Electronics and Security are Melding

Dear Readers:
When the Consumer Electronics Division of Panasonic teamed up with ADT it set the stage for a new era in consumer recognition of security. Panasonic is introducing the industry's first cordless telephone system that can arm and disarm an ADT electronic security system. Users can activate and deactivate an ADT security system from the telephone's base or any of its portable, cordless telephone handsets and can provide two- way, direct communications to ADT in an emergency.

"By joining forces with Panasonic, a leading brand in the consumer electronics field, ADT has made its security systems even easier to use," states Mike Snyder, president of ADT Security Services, Inc. "This product essentially turns the Panasonic phone system handset into an additional in-home ADT security system alarm keypad, giving consumers the ability to operate their security system from almost anywhere in their home."

After purchasing the Panasonic cordless phone, users need to subscribe to the ADT security system and service that best fits their needs. ADT completes the security system installation. Known as the SecurityLink Plus cordless phone system, the new model also adds a two-way voice feature to a standard alarm system. It features three one-touch buttons for easy access to ADT's Customer Monitoring Center. For added protection, ADT's power supply will continue to power the telephone system in the case of a blackout.

A great boost to security, the Security Link Plus phone system also enables retailers to market ADT's security service in their stores. "It is an innovative marketing approach by ADT and Panasonic," says Frank Lasorsa, merchandising VP for Panasonic's Communications/Home Office Products Division, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.

The telephone system also enhances a user's ability to access their security system functions. "After an alarm signal is sent to and received by ADT, the customer monitoring center professional can access the speaker to help evaluate the situation and stay on the line to talk with the customer until authorities arrive," adds Steve Gribbon, VP of Residential Sales and Marketing for ADT Security Services, Inc.

"As leaders of their respective fields, ADT and Panasonic are jointly defining the next generation of cordless telephones and security systems by merging the two into one useful application," Mike Roshandel, new business development manager, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, points out. "This is truly a revolutionary product."

Susan A. Brady
Editor In Chief