Getting on the Convergence Bandwagon

If you've been reading Security Technology & Design for the last three years, you know that technology and business convergence have been our guiding light. But to begin hearing the heavyweights of the industry embrace convergence as reality and not just a concept is exciting. At the recent Corporate Security Roundtable hosted by SIA in San Diego, convergence was the order of the day.

In his keynote speech, Greg Akers, senior vice president and CTO of global government solutions and computer security programs for Cisco Systems Inc., left little doubt about where his company is headed with regards to convergence. "Security starts with me, the CEO, and then down to the individual contributor level. It is mandatory. We live in a world of networks. They all converge and they are owned by the corporation and other service providers. Your network and your security are only as strong as your weakest link."

As the technology leader in security, ST&D is offering a series of new, affordable education opportunities to help security users move forward into this new world of convergence. It's called the Voice of the Expert Road Tour.

This is the first regional touring seminar series formed to promote the ideals of constructive communication between security end user professionals, technology leaders and systems integrators. Each of the one-day events is a high-intensity workshop that will provide end users and integrators a chance to see technology companies' cutting-edge solutions and to have face-to-face discussions with vendors about real world options and applications.

Each seminar will have a unique focus: CCTV Surveillance Solutions, Enterprise-Wide Access Control, Biometric Technology & Applications, and Security Convergence. Exclusive technology vendors, assisted by a systems integration mentor or end user, will offer technology and application presentations in the morning. Later that afternoon, technology vendors and integrators will rotating from table to table at a peer-to-peer roundtable to address end users' specific technology, design and management concerns. One of the industry's top technology experts will close the day with an overview of the trends and findings of the day. As a bonus, sponsoring vendors and end user attendees will receive free registration for the co-located SecureWorld Expo, which has grown into one of the top convergence conference events in the country.

The Voice of the Expert Road Tour stops in Philadelphia on April 20-21, Atlanta on May 17-18, Seattle on October 19-20, and Dallas on December 14-15. The registration cost is $68, which includes a buffet lunch. Each event has limited seating, so we encourage you to sign up early.

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This article was published in the March 2005 issue of ST&D magazine.