Specialized Communications Tools

Intercom, Telephone Entry and Emergency Call Systems provide the means to interface people and integrate with other security systems.

Products that fall under the Security Intercom category provide highly reliable and redundant means of controlling, communicating, paging and archiving events and vital information. Not only do they offer convenience in identifying visitors but also allow an additional measure of safety and security in various environments.

Security Intercoms are specialized communications tools used to enhance security and life safety. Although any intercom provides an element of enhanced security wherever it is installed, the units on the market offer the enhanced communication reliability that is essential to security. These intercom products offer features that make them of particular value to security system designers and allow them to provide their customers with the most effective and comprehensive security management solution possible.

Intercom systems play a vital role in, and enhance the overall security of, any facility whether it is a single home, multiple occupancy, business, campus or multiple site/building enterprise. The systems available today allow the user to communicate with visitors, staff and security personnel. They provide varying degrees of integration between surveillance systems, access control systems, and other security/control and life safety subsystems.

The manufacturers and products presented in this month's focus are leading the way in security communications by adapting all the cutting edge technologies you see revolutionizing other segments of the security and IT industries. These products serve a diverse range of applications, from single residence to enterprise applications. Their scalable design and interfacing flexibility enable virtually unlimited expansion, communications options and exciting integration possibilities.

The security dealer/system integrator can choose an entry point, so to speak, in the security intercom market. It is not, after all, a separate entity. Rather it is an integral ingredient in security, just as is the cabling used to connect these devices.

By examining the sampling of products, you should get a better understanding of what is possible. Let them inspire you to be creative on your next challenging project.

Telephone Entry System
DoorKing's Model 1802 Telephone Entry System is available in both a surface mount design and now the new flush mount design. The flush mount unit provides an attractive alternative to the surface mount unit and has increased vandal resistance attributes.

The 1802 can be ordered with memory options of 125, 500 or 1000 and, with all the advanced features that come standard with this unit, it offers an outstanding value for its remarkably low cost.

The 1802 is an ideal telephone entry system that is loaded with features and suited for applications that have limited space. It can be used in residential as well as commercial applications that do not require a directory, or in applications where a separate directory exist. Visitors are easily identified by voice communication and can be granted or denied access directly from a touch-tone telephone.

    Advanced features of the 1802 include:
  • Programmable directory codes (1-4 digits).
  • 10 and 11-digit dialing capability.
  • Two special inputs can be programmed for relay activation or to dial out a preprogrammed phone number.
  • 5-digit entry codes for special needs.
  • Lighted keypad.
  • Built-in time clock.
  • Hold open time zones.
  • Entry code time zones.
  • "Flash" entry codes.
  • Built-in postal lock provision.

The system stores up to 125, 500 or 1000 telephone numbers (specify the requirement when ordering) and offers full-duplex communication. An array of options are available. For example, the DK1812-039 Video Adapter is a passive video device with a female BNC connector that allows base band video to be transmitted over regular telephone wire (UTP) for distances up to 3000 feet for black and white video and up to 1400 feet for color. (One device required at the camera end and one at the monitor end). Both the DK1812-130 CCTV color camera and the DK1812-040 CCTV b/w camera can be mounted in the phone system and each includes a camera power supply.
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