Specialized Communications Tools

Intercom, Telephone Entry and Emergency Call Systems provide the means to interface people and integrate with other security systems.

Video Door Phone
The Cyrex M228 Audio-Video Intercom is a state-of-the-art, easy-to-install video door phone system. It is integrated with many innovative and robust features. Not only is the M228 a complete video door phone system, it also serves as an intercom, which allows you to broadcast all-calls and communicate between monitors.

The design objectives were based on three Es: Easy to install, Easy to expand, and Easy to operate. The smart design and simple push button operation provides safety, convenience and peace of mind in a wide variety of residential, commercial or industrial applications.

    The M228 features:
  • 2 wire installation.
  • Built-in 17 picture memory function with Day and Time stamp.
  • Maximum system capacity of up to eight monitors, two door bells and two dome cameras or one door bell and three dome cameras.
  • Doorbell constructed of weather resistant metal.
  • AC Power supply included.
  • Sony 4" flat CRT B/W monitor.
  • Intercom and Broadcast between monitors.
  • Built-in LED for night visual supplement.
  • Audio Door chime.
  • Remote door release function (door lock not included)
  • Doorbell camera angle horizontally adjustable
  • One touch audio and video monitoring to any cameras or doorbell
  • Volume/Contrast/Tint control
  • For additional information, visit www.cyrex.com.

Intercommunication System
The AIPHONE AI-900 Integrated Intercommunication System is a voice communication system that allows calls to be made quickly and easily with a touch of a button. Designed for corporate security offices looking to enhance their existing access control system, the AI-900 can be programmed and monitored from an off-site PC via a RS-232 interface and can support one single-line telephone with caller ID.

Users can forward a call to system operators who carry cell phones or pagers, so a call will never go unanswered. The system also includes time-based forwarding, real time audio monitoring, data and voice recording and paging and it integrates with existing security and video surveillance equipment.

The AI-900 can support up to 4 master stations and 64 sub-stations from one exchange. With up to 16 exchanges the AI-900 can support 64 master stations and 1,024 sub-stations. The master stations can be a single line telephone with caller ID or the Aiphone AI- MS900 Master Station.

The AIPHONE AI-900 offers four sub stations to choose from: AI-RS150 Standard Indoor Sub station; AI-RS160 Indoor Vandal Resistant Sub station; AI-RS170 Outdoor Vandal Resistant Sub station; and AI-RS180 Outdoor Emergency Sub station.

Each sub station faceplate is made of brushed stainless steel and has a vandal-resistant call button (except the AI-RS150), with optional LED/relay control.
For more information visit www.aiphone.com.

Scalable Voice Communication System
The TOA VS-900 Security Intercom System and VS-900SC Site Connector Interface provide reliable and intelligible voice communication for applications with multiple "sub" stations calling in to one or more "master" stations. The VS-900 has a wide range of standard and software programmable features, including comprehensive Call-Forwarding to allow system operators freedom of movement to ensure that no calls go unanswered.

The VS-900 integrates easily with access control and video surveillance equipment via a simple RS-232 communications protocol. Other features include telephone system integration, paging and external source distribution, event logging, and recording outputs. The VS-900 scalable architecture allows the most cost effective configuration for each application with easy expansion as the size of the facility grows. For additional information, visit www.toaelectronics.com.

Residential/Commercial Intercom System
The DVI450 Video Door Intercom System from Digimerge is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. The unit also offers the security of a "visual answering machine" by allowing the operator to view still images, with date stamp of callers to the premises. The DVI450 System package includes a 4" flat screen, 420 lines resolution, CRT Monitor Station, with back up battery power, audio control with two way full duplex operation, door open function, on-screen programming, and inputs for up to eight stations or cameras (expansion Monitor, Door Camera Station and variety of compatible cameras also available). The weatherproof metal Video Door Station offers a high resolution image sensor with adjustable viewing, Infrared LED illumination for viewing in low light conditions, and intercom functions. For more information, visit www.digimerge.com.