Specialized Communications Tools

Intercom, Telephone Entry and Emergency Call Systems provide the means to interface people and integrate with other security systems.

Audio-Visual Emergency Call System
The Alpha Communications/Tektone HC345C Series Tek-Check-In is a fully microprocessor-based audio-visual emergency call system. It protects the occupants of facilities such as senior citizen buildings, while supplying management with a fully automatic mandated check-in procedure for each resident.

The HC345C addresses the needs of both residents and staff by combining ease of operation, accurate two-way voice communication, and an English language format prominently displayed on a high-resolution, compact CRT. The system also includes masters with keys that are colored and grouped accordingly for ease of operation, and the handset is an integral part of the master station.

The heart of the system is the Central Processing Equipment (CPE). Standard features include dual system networking between two CPE's, the capacity for 256 addressable stations, and a serial port for adding a printer or management system (NC386). Electronic supervision is provided through the polling of the system four times a second to verify proper system function and total system operation.

The CRT master station combination provides all programming capability necessary to assign room numbering, set room status, and carry on a two-way voice communication with the residents, while prominently displaying English language system information on a high-resolution CRT.

The master also incorporates function keys which allow the operator to dispatch administrators/staff to the location necessary. As an additional cost benefit, the HC345C has the ability to monitor ancillary devices such as smoke detectors, door contacts, and emergency pull cords.

    The HC345C features:
  • Flexible programming alternatives.
  • Microprocessor Design using 80486 Central Processor.
  • Standard back box mounting.
  • Night Transfer Service Capability.
  • Built-In RS232 Printer Interface.