New Products: February '05

Proximity Reader
Kantech releases its newest generation of ioProx proximity readers. They leverage a new, streamlined design with quick-connect terminal blocks, and a mullion/ keypad combination. These readers provide a cost-effective, easy to install access control solution, using either the XSF format with Kantech's EntraPass access control system, or the 26-bit Wiegand version with most industry access control systems.

The newly redesigned ioProx readers implement quick connect terminal blocks which allow installers to 'snap and lock' the necessary wires to the reader. Other cost-saving features include support for unshielded cable, and removable covers. Other unique features of the new ioProx readers include a mullion style complete with keypad, which fits neatly on any standard doorjamb, and Braille embossed keypads, which allows the readers to be part of an ADA compliant security solution.
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Emergency Alarm Signaling and Call Back
Grace Industries' SuperCell is a stand-alone two-way radio signaling system that provides emergency alert and call back signaling between other SuperCell units and a central command base monitor. It is interoperable and each unit acts as a repeater. For more information, visit

Here's the Juice
Juice Goose introduces the RPS16 rack mounted power supply for CCTV cameras, recorders and monitor systems. It's a versatile platform for providing an all-in-one power source to meet most CCTV power needs in a centralized, rack mounted location. Rack mounting allows all camera power leads to terminate in the same rack as the recorder. Multiple voltage options mean only one power supply is required for up to 16 cameras, regardless of camera design or power requirements.
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A Day & Night Solution
SENKO ADL presents its new "pro" series high-grade varifocal lenses for all major brands' Day & Night CS-mount cameras. These lenses provide a high-resolution image and fast F-stop with IR corrective feature for removing the focus shift between day and night modes. The first "pro" model, TV3X0310D, has 3.0mm to 8.5mm broad focal range, F1.0 fast aperture, and features an ED (Extra Dispersion) glass element providing crisp color images in the daytime visible light and B/W images in the nighttime IR light, without the need to refocus. For more information, visit or e-mail

Access Control and Central Station Automation Systems
HID presents an open architecture platform that enables central station security monitoring software providers to fully integrate access control functions within central station host software, eliminating the need for separate access control systems that today are merely co-located within the central station facility. It also provides bi-directional communications for video-related services in central stations without modifying the existing infrastructure.

Matrix Switcher
American Dynamics' new MegaPower 48 Plus matrix switcher is scaled to small and mid-sized operations; it incorporates features typically found only in the largest of systems such as video loss detection and wireless alarm notification. This matrix switcher functions as a standalone unit or part of a network, and can be integrated with DVRs and VCRs via recorder control devices. Its slim vertical design fits practically everywhere, letting installers save on wiring costs as they are able to place the unit more accessible to cameras. EASY48 software enables control from a remote location. Three expansion modes are available, adding up to 288 cameras and eight monitors.

Power Supply with New Design
Rutherford Controls Int'l Corp. (RCI) adds a 5 AMP power supply to its line. The new UL/ULC listed 10-5 power supply enclosure includes an exclusive drop down lid to provide a work surface for installers. It is field selectable, 12VDC/5 AMP or 24VDC/3 AMP with the simple slide of a switch. Inside the enclosure, the 10-5 power supply has an 110VAC receptacle, allowing installers to plug power tools or work lights directly into the unit. Safety features for the Class II Power Supply include short circuit protection, low battery monitor output relay, auto sensing AC input, fire/life safety emergency release with end of line supervision and ground fault detection and a filtered and regulated DC output. In addition, the 10-5 power supply has a multi-panel interconnect-fire disconnect, AC fail output relay and a low maintenance modular design.
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StarAccess PRO Software
Access Technologies International, Inc.'s StarAccess PRO software is a cost-efficient and feature-rich security system designed for ease of setup and everyday use. Complete with access control, alarm monitoring and optional alarm video integration, it has an advanced feature-set including such items as multi-workstation support, multi-protocol panel communication, user chat and ghost cardholders. Robust integration with Microsoft's SQL Server Database, StarAccess PRO 's security and reliability it is designed for the most demanding applications.

The StarAccess PRO's 32-bit software architecture was designed using Microsoft .Net featuring the latest in data presentation graphical controls. With on-line help, configuring the SA-2000-II access control panel requires little or no training. The StarAccess PRO system runs under Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
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High Impact Domes
Rainbow CCTV presents the HD series High Impact Domes. They're tough, weather-proof (IP66), vandal-proof, and input power protected. Utilizing a 3-D camera bracket for a quick and flexible installation, the 1/3" color camera offers 460 lines of crisp detail with a low light capability of 0.7 lux. The high resolution Sony Super HAD CCD and 3.8~9.5mm aspheric varifocal lens combine to supply high quality images under a variety of lighting conditions.

Standard configuration for easy installation includes front and side conduit holes, a half-tint impact-resistant poly carbonate dome and security screws. Weighing in at 1.4 pounds, the High Impact Dome is ideal for public access areas, high risk environments and entrance and exit security.
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Comprehensive Access Control Software
Honeywell introduces the WIN-PAK 2005, the newest addition to the company's comprehensive access control software line. WIN-PAK 2005 provides innovative tools to monitor entrance security and perform reporting and administrative tasks. The new edition includes 30 new features to help accelerate configuration and other daily tasks, while making the program easier to use.

In addition Honeywell offers WIN-PAK PRO Central Station, an extension of the WIN-PAK PRO access control software. WIN-PAK PRO Central Station builds upon the original technology by automating many day-to-day operations, saving companies time and money.

Like its predecessor, WIN-PAK PRO Central Station helps operators manage security systems in multiple locations by integrating the components into one user interface. This latest technology does not require software at the end user location, which also eliminates the need for software training. Additional monitoring capabilities will increase recurring monthly revenues and decrease the need for field service and training.
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Software That Eliminates Down Time
Checkpoint Systems, Inc., provides the latest Pinnacle Access Control Software Package and LANLink Controller. Pinnacle V4.0 is enhanced with many new capabilities, including Visitor Management, supporting real-time integration with STOPware's PassagePoint Visitor Management System, enabling users to enroll visitors temporarily into a company's access control system; Embedded Software Development Kit (SDK), providing flexibility in tailoring the software to meet the requirements of specific applications; and, Database Partitioning, allowing the corporate headquarters of a company to administer employee-level access in field offices globally, regardless of location or time zone. Additionally, the LANLink Controller enhances the system with features such as: 10/100 Base-T Communications with 3DES 168-bit encryption for ensured IT compatibility and security; DHCP support to ease installation when IP addresses are assigned automatically; Web-based diagnostics for analysis of each controller from any networked computer; and, Pinnacle V4.0 and LANLink.
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A Single Point of Control
The Building Integration System from Bosch Security Systems is an economical and scalable integrated building and enterprise management system. Based on OPC connectivity, an innovative, "open systems" design blending security system technology with information technology, Bosch's Building Integration System provides a single, unified point of control as well as efficiency, economy and security for one site or many sites managed as one.

It includes features for a wide range of businesses, including retail chains, banks, warehouses, university campuses, medical complexes, offices and correctional facilities.

It also features interoperability options for a wide range of security and CCTV, building management and process control systems. The system uses OPC standard connectivity for Bosch G Series control panels, Bosch D6600 Receiver, Bosch D6600 NetCom System, Bosch CCTV, Bosch Readykey K2200 door controllers, and others as well as host level interoperability with many other systems like BacNet, LonWorks, ModBus, ProfiBus, X-10, etc.
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Exceeding Expectations
SARGENT introduces the 8200 Series Mortise Lock. The lock exceeds both Impact Level 1 testing for deadbolt function with over 900 blows, and Level 3 testing for latchbolt only function with nearly 300 blows. The 8200 exceeds BHMA Grade 1 specifications by 6 times. The 8200 offers 58 functions in a complete line of lockbodies, including 9 functions within one lockbody.
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