Ask the Experts: IP-Addressable Video Technology

A roundtable discussion featuring CCTV, IP and security experts

The most dynamic area of growth in the security industry over the past decade has been CCTV and surveillance. Not only has the double-digit revenue driven this market to unparalleled heights, but the CCTV technology available has evolved beyond the devices imaginable five short years ago. Industry sales vaulted from analog technology to digital almost overnight, and has since migrated to IP-addressable and Web-based systems just as quickly. All this growth has left many users and integrators taking cover as one technology explosion after another changes the face of the CCTV world they once knew.

Participant Biographies
Henrik Friborg is vice president of partner relations and co-founder of Milestone. He has been working in the IT industry for 20 years and is now using his insight working with IP video surveillance and security-related products. Prior to founding Milestone, Mr. Friborg was head of development in a software company developing mission-critical real-time computer systems for the banking industry.

Eli Gorovici, president and CEO of DVTel, has more than 10 years of senior management experience in the digital data communications industry. Previously, Mr. Gorovici was vice president of global sales and marketing for NICE's Visual Interaction Management Division. His management of the introduction of the NiceVision DVR to new markets established NICE as one of the top players in the digital video recording market.

Pete Lockhart is vice president of technology for Anixter Inc. In this role, he is responsible for research related to new product analysis for cabling and connectivity products for copper, fiber, wireless and associated communications solutions. Since joining Anixter in April 1988, Mr. Lockhart has been the director of technology and marketing, copper solutions, as well as the marketing manager and product manager for copper network cables and data cables.

Ian Ehrenberg, vice president and general manager of NICE Systems, is an expert in the emerging trend of smart technologies for video surveillance security applications. Prior to joining NICE Systems four years ago, Mr. Ehrenberg was involved in developing smart technologies for the telecommunications and graphics industries.

Ed Telders has been security manager for PEMCO Financial Services for 16 years. His responsibilities include physical security, information security, corporate contingency planning and safety programs. Mr. Telders has been providing security management for information and physical security in the banking, insurance and financial industries since 1981, from Fortune 500 to medium-sized companies. He is a contributing technical editor for ST&D.

As the general manager of Axis Communications, Fredrik Nilsson oversees the company's operations in North America. In this role, he manages all aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, business expansion and finance. Mr. Nilsson previously served as Axis' director of business development, leading the U.S. team responsible for growing the company's network video sales in various sectors. He has also served as the director of sales and marketing.

Don Taylor has served as vice president of marketing for Dedicated Micros Inc. for more than two years, in which time he has expanded the company's product offerings and market focus. He previously served as director of marketing for Sensormatic, and held several marketing director positions at Monarch Marketing Systems in Dayton, OH.

Ariel Silverstone is the chief information security officer at Temple University. He has more than 17 years of experience and specializes in consulting on the implementation of management information systems and networking systems. Mr. Silverstone's certifications include CISSP, CBCP, MCSE+I, MCT and CCNA. He has contributed to, authored and reviewed more than 30 published books.

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