Hot Products: January

Night Vision Camera with Built In Varifocal
The KPC-N600H camera is KT&C's latest answer to the rapidly growing demands of the security industry. The N600H has integrated the top grade high resolution Sony 1/3" Superhad CCD with a precision aspheric varifocal auto iris lens (3.8-9.5mm or 2.5-6.0mm) to achieve 520 TV lines of sharp image. When combined with its mechanical day & night function, CDS sensor, and 18 IR LEDs, the N600H can see in complete darkness. Visit for more information.

Print Security Suite
Fargo Electronics, Inc. launches Print Security Suite, the first product using its new SecureMark technology, which safeguards identity cards. Print Security Suite is a group of five user-friendly software applications that help secure, control, monitor and maintain card identity systems. For more information, visit

Guard Touring System
The DigiTool, Guard Touring System from Rosslare offers Electronic Guard Tour Reporting, also known as Security Tour verification/documentation. The concept is to install "location tags" GA-01, at various inspection points. The handheld GC-01 DigiTool Reader reads the unique ID number stored in each location tag visited, and records the time and date of each visit. DigiTool can read up to 8000 location tags, events, & user ID's and offers 360 degree LED viewing & audible alert. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium Ion battery and features a rugged modern design. The data from the GC-01 Reader can be downloaded via the GC-02 Base, and a variety of reports can be generated. Visit for more information.

Digital Video Web Server
EverSecure, a Matco Company, introduces the DVR-1000WS Digital Video Web Server specifically designed for video network access. The DVR-1000WS has built-in TCP/IP, ICMP, SMTP, FTP and HTTP protocol and 10/100 Base-T network interface. It accepts 2 composite video inputs. Whenever either a fixed or dynamic IP address is assigned to it, it can be accessed via the network. Visit for more information.

Gate Operator Upgrade
Chamberlain Professional Products has made significant improvements to its LiftMasterElite Miracle-One linear gate operator. They include a new pre-wired radio receiver that now comes in every control box, an external alarm reset button, upgraded limit wiring in the arm, a new 535LM radio receiver that now comes complete with a whip receiver in every control box, 40 feet of wire, a junction box, connectors that are included in all Master/Second control boxes, updated software for improved limit function, and an extended wiring kit on all dual gate operator packages. For more information, visit

Multi-Frequency/Multi-Protocol Access Reader
Software House offers an open standard, combined proximity and smart card reader that allows end users to transition easily from a proximity system to a more advanced smart card system gradually over time and at a reasonable cost ' using the same reader. This open standard reader line is ISO 15693 and 14443A/B compliant, which allows it to process most smart card protocols such as iCLASS (S/N) and MiFare. Customers can use their current proximity cards as they transition to a smart card system. The unit simultaneously reads all card technologies including 125 KHz HID, Deister SmartFrame, Mifare (Serial Number & Sector), DESFire (S/N), ISO 15693 (Serial Number, Sector and Encrypted Sector), ISO 14443 (Type A & Type B) and many other card reader formats at both 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz. For more information, visit

A Life-Saving Sounder
The ExitPoint sounder, new from System Sensor, uses Directional Sound to identify escape routes leading to perimeter exits and complements existing fire detection systems. Directional Sound technology consists of a broadband, multi-frequency low, mid and high range signal. It allows the ears to quickly locate the sound source, making it ideal for marking building exits and for building evacuation. Triggered by existing fire detection systems and positioned at carefully chosen positions, ExitPoint guides people along escape routes. It is easily distinguished from standard evacuation sounders and can guide people up or down stairs. For more information, visit

A Transformation
Tane Alarm Products offers a line of transformers that are rated with an input voltage of 120VAC with a 220/240VAC option for outside United States. Output AC voltage on the different units are 12.5 @ 20VA, 16.5 @ 40VA and 24.5 @ 40VA VAC. All transformers are durable, UL rated and made specifically for the alarm industry. For more information, visit

Lens Line-Up
Tamron USA's F/1.0 Aspherical Vari-Focal lens is an IR version of the popular fast 3.0-8mm. This new lens, coupled with the simultaneous announcement of a 10-40mm F/1.4 IR Aspherical Vari-Focal covering the telephoto range, makes Tamron's IR line-up an impressive one. Tamron offers the only IR mono-Focal lenses available (2.8mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm) and a 2.8-11mm F/1.4.

This new lens offers excellent cost to value ratio. It functions in a wide variety of lighting conditions over a 24-hour period. The fast F/1.0 aperture is twice as bright as F/1.4 and will yield excellent results in conditions dimmer than 1-lux, even when using a 1-lux camera.

Flat Panel Monitor
AGN Professional (AGNPRO) offers an alternative to bulky traditional ERT monitors with the launch of the affordable, reliable and very thin EP17AV Flat Panel Security Monitor. The 17" LCD monitor with composite, S-Video and VGA inputs is specifically designed for security video surveillance and works great with multiplexers and digital recorders. The EP series is also available in 14" and 15" models. For more information, visit

Plug-In Transformers
Honeywell Power Products (HPP) announces its HTP & HT Series Transformers. HPP's general purpose DC power supplies are matched to these transformers for maximum performance. Both series are used in a wide range of applications in CCTV, access, and security systems, supplying low-voltage standalone AC, or as part of a DC power system. The HTP Series come in several sizes, the largest with an output rating of 50VA, and the DC versions have outputs from 300ma to 3 amps. The open-frame HT Series AC transformers come in four sizes and provide lead wires for connections, with a maximum output of 200VA. The HTP Series mounts to a standard wall outlet with a screw-down tab, and the HT Series mounts to an enclosure using mounting feet. The transformers are UL listed and Class 2 rated for indoor use. For more information, visit

A Dome That Delivers
The Elmo TND4204VX is a high resolution, high sensitivity color camera housed in a vandal-resistant, aluminum die-cast body with an impact-resistant polycarbonate bubble. Waterproof, it is designed for indoor and outdoor installation. Employing advanced DSP circuitry with a 1/3" color interline-transfer CCD, it minimizes smear to enhance image sharpness and increases stability and reliability. The TND4204VX delivers identifiable color-saturated images, even in low light conditions. A3 to 9mm varifocal lens with auto iris capability provides optimum coverage of the area under surveillance. Resolution is 480TVL (H) and S/N is 50 dB. It has built-in AGC with switchable SENS UP for monitoring dark areas. Other features include a flicker-correction setting and a switchable internal line-lock sync system. For more information, visit

Additional UL Listings
Telular Corporation announces additional Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listings for its Telguard model TG-100 for primary residential fire and burglary alarm communications. The TG-100 is now UL 985 Household Fire Warning Systems listed and UL 1023 Household Burglar Alarm Systems listed for primary alarm signaling to the central monitoring station in the case of a fire or burglary. The product also retains a UL listing for supplemental use as a cellular alarm transmission system. For more information, visit

Phone Distribution Module
Channel Vision has added a new RF and phone distribution module to its Central structured wiring line. The C-0217 offers RF and telephone distribution in an economical package.

It combines two functions in one unit that conveniently snaps into any Channel Vision Central structured wiring enclosure. It includes a DC/IR passing six-way RF splitter that features vertical connectors to eliminate unnecessary wire bends. The eight bridged 110 punch down connectors allow four telephone lines to be distributed to seven locations. For more information, visit

Video Matrix Switcher Controllers
Pelco offers two high density full cross-point video matrix switcher/controllers. The System 9770 and System 9780 system architecture is specifically designed to accommodate higher camera-monitor density, enabling users to implement large matrix-controlled video surveillance systems that require less space to install and operate. This means a user can view and control up to 4,096 cameras and 512 monitors, all from a single node, in a footprint smaller than ever before possible. The base hardware configuration for the system is comprised of a central processing unit (CC1), matrix switching bay(s) (MXBs) with video input/output modules, and keyboard controllers (KBDs). Firmware updates can be accomplished via flash technology by connecting a PC laptop to the serial port of the matrix bay for increased system serviceability.

Network Dome Camera
The AXIS 231D and AXIS 232D Network Dome Cameras from Axis Communications deliver full frame rate motion JPEG video with the capability to remotely control pan, tilt and zoom functions over an IP network such as a LAN or the Internet. The network dome cameras will also support simultaneous transmission of video in MPEG-4 mode when the firmware (available for free download at is upgraded in Q1, 2005. The AXIS 231D and AXIS 232D feature an 18x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, auto-focus lens and a 1/4-inch Sony ExView HAD interlaced CCD image sensor. The cameras provide 20 preset positions and 1 sequence (auto patrol) tour. They offer 4 alarm inputs and 4 outputs, advanced event management functions, and a complete set of security features such as HTTPS and IP address filtering. For more information, visit

Featuring the same advanced optical technology as Canon's VB-C50i Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Video Camera, Canon's VB-C50Fi fixed network camera provides a remote-monitoring solution with options to suit a broad range of user requirements. A Canon 26X Optical Zoom Lens and a 12X Digital Zoom enable the VB-C50Fi model to capture fine detail from far distances. The camera's quarter-inch, 340,000-pixel CCD ensures high-quality image capture combined with low-light (1 lux) capabilities. A Motorized Infrared (IR) Cut Filter can be turned off to brighten the viewing area. The VB-C50Fi fixed network camera's built-in network server provides viewing for up to 50 clients simultaneously. Built-in motion detection allows it to monitor and send out an alert if motion is suspected in any of four designated areas. The Admin Viewer Version 3.6 software is supplied. For more information, visit

DVTel Inc.'s new SecureLink 8500 Encoder Series is part of the expanding Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) family of components. The Series is an advanced motion detection IP-based video, audio and data video server encoder. It provides programmable motion detection and tracking, bi-directional audio, date, serial communications, and dry contact alarms in and out. It also delivers high quality video streams to the Latitude NVMS Virtual Matrix. Its powerful software significantly improves operator effectiveness in monitoring and responding to potential threats. For more information, visit

Some Like it Lite
Image Vault, a member of the FKI Security Group, introduces the Image Vault "PRO-LITE" model. It's identical to the Image Vault "PRO" Series, except that it does not offer interface capabilities to other devices such as access control systems, alarm panels, ATMs, and POS cash register systems. The Image Vault PRO-LITE model, Version 8.3, retains all the advantages of the Image Vault DVR, Version 8.0; including faster record rates, smaller image sizes and the migration from the Windows 98 operating system (OS) to Windows XPe. For more information, visit

Expanded Camera Line
New to the ChannelPlus line of high-performance video caremas are Models 7400B and W (black case, white case). They feature a ball-swivel design that allows the cameras to rotate within their surface-mount retaining rings so they can point in any direction.

Also new to the ChannelPlus line are bullet-style cameras on a universal mounting stand. They have an adjustable sunshade that can be removed for indoor installations. Three types of camera are available with this configuration - Model 7410 low light black & white cameras; Model 7420 color cameras; Model 7430 color cameras with automatic infrared lighting for black & white night vision. For more information, visit

Get Instant Inspection
The new i3 series photoelectric smoke detectors from System Sensor offer installation ease and instant inspection. Both 2-wire and 4-wire detectors are available with or without a fixed 135?F thermal sensor. Features include a plug-in design that permits pre-wiring, a maintenance protocol that prompts cleaning, drift compensation, and green and red LED status indicators. Included are an infrared sensitivity reader, removal tool and retrofit adapter bracket, and a 2-wire loop test/maintenance module, allowing any listed panel to communicate with 2-wire i3 detectors.

System Sensor is a global manufacturer of fire detection and notification devices, specializing in smoke detection and notification technology. According to the company, it places a premium on research and development, resulting in products that are reliable, sophisticated and designed for real-world applications.

For more information, visit

Meeting Your Access Needs
Boyle & Chase, for 48 years, has been a distributor of architectural hardware for all your access control needs. To secure or electrify a door opening, the company stocks ACSI, Folger Adam, Kaba Ilco, LCN, Locknetics, MS Sedco, RCI, Schlage, Secura Key, Visonic and Von Duprin.

The B & C catalog contains an electrical section that provides guidelines, checklists and schematics to assist you with the most common electrified opening applications.

If you have any access questions, you can call 800-325-2530 for immediate assitance.

To receive the Boyle & Chase Electrified Openings brochure as well as a 400 page B & C complete product line catalog, fax 800-205-3500, e-mail or visit