Frontiers In Video

Video surveillance is one of the areas most significantly impacted by new technology. Initially digital chips found their way into cameras, followed by digital signal processing in system elements. This new roundup of technology reveals IP based...

Video Server and Space Saving Rack
The AXIS 241Q is a four channel video server designed to convert analog CCTV systems to Internet Protocol (IP)-based systems. The 241Q is built around Axis' new ARTPEC-2 video compression chip and includes new functionalities such as event management based on triggered or scheduled events, built-in motion detection and full frame rates (30 frames per second) simultaneously across all video channels. The 241Q is based on Motion JPEG compression and provides 10 different resolutions, up to 768 x 576 pixels. The AXIS Rack Solution provides a higher density of analog video ports, saving rack space in server rooms and easily integrating analog cameras into IP-based surveillance systems. The rack is best used in large systems such as those typically found in airports, campus environments, hospitals or prisons. It can hold up to 12 interchangeable, hot swappable video server blades, enabling the user to install or service the blades without disconnecting power to the entire system.
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