Fire Technology, Applications and Industry Trends

Interviews with leaders in the fire detection industry show common threads. These industry insiders report that new products from their respective companies reflect trends consistent with the rest of the security industry. Products are smarter. Using...

Nick Martello:
Gary Pollack:

NEW Gateways for ADVANCED Monitoring
Security Dealer:
What impact does the use of network infrastructure and the Internet have on your company and products?
Jeff Klein: It has influenced our business from the standpoint that our panel manufacturing partners have developed gateways between the fire alarm panels and the Internet. This enables building managers and end users to better monitor the systems in their buildings.
Nick Martello: We're beginning to see conversion of digital dialers and monitoring stations to newer methods using the Internet connections rather than the public switched telephone network.
Gary Pollack: Our systems have included networking options for many years. This, along with our optional integrated emergency voice evacuation capability, has been a strong factor in Mirtone's competitiveness. We're adding networking into more of our products. As more people become comfortable with the Internet's reliability, you will see more systems monitored over the Internet.

Progress in Integration
Security Dealer: How would you describe the progress of system integration in the fire industry and the effect is has on your company's technology?
Jeff Klein: The trend of system integration will impact our company from the standpoint that we need to consider product communication technologies that can work well with integrated systems. As device manufacturer, we need to understand and implement certain communication protocols and technologies that will work on a wider variety of systems.
Nick Martello: Systems integration typically occurs in very large installations such as campus applications where networks are involved. Our products are typically stand alone products, not networked
Gary Pollack: System integration has been the buzz word of the alarm and building industries for years. So far, few companies have moved past interfacing of dissimilar products. While Mirtone has not been heavily involved in integration, our sister company EST is integrating fire alarm systems with other security and life safety systems. EST delivers a UL 864 listed, fully integrated system that combines fire alarm, access control and security on a single platform.