New Products

FM Video Fiber Optic Camera
American Fibertek, Inc. offers a new series of fiber optic transmitters and receivers designed to mount directly onto any video surveillance camera's BNC output. The low profile units provide NTSC, RS-170A and RS-343A and PAL compatibility, making them compatible with cameras and monitors from any manufacturer. Models include the MTM-1, MTM-3 and MTM-3S Single Channel FM Video Camera Mount Transmission Systems. The MTM-1 uses multimode fiber optics to provide a maximum transmission distance of 2.5K at 850nm, which is suitable for most traditional CCTV installations. The MTM-3 provides a maximum transmission distance of up to 7Km at 1310nm using multimode fiber optics, suitable for large installations involving multiple buildings and/or long cable runs. The MTM-3S can transmit signals over distances up to 20Km at 1310nm using singlemode fiber optics. The long distance capability of these units is ideal for CCTV systems covering wide areas such as campuses and transportation facilities and for linking wide area surveillance systems to a centralized monitoring location. For more information, visit

Integrating Video and Access
Offering a complete package that includes video surveillance and access control, the DVX-1000 digital video recorder from Polaris allows you to seamlessly integrate an existing or new camera system with the Intelli-M access control system. Remote access, remote monitoring, and remote configuration abilities, are featured along with user customizable pan/tilt/zoom control and up to 1TB of on-board storage. The access control features allow complete attendance reporting, entrance and exit auditing, as well as providing video clips of any event. For more information, visit

Flat Panel Monitor
AGN Professional (AGNPRO) unveils the XP19AV flat panel security monitor. Only 2" thick, the multi-source 19" TFT LCD offers VGA, BNC Composite with Loop-thru and auto-termination, as well as DVI digital inputs and S-Video. It features an aluminum alloy construction with a virtually unbreakable vandal proof glass front (NeoV Optical filter). With EVS Input technology, the XP series, also available in 17" TFT LCD (XP17AV) is specifically designed for security video surveillance. For more information, visit

Network Interface Card
Access Specialties, Inc. introduces NI-10 network interface card. The NI-10 is designed to work with existing UP-2000 panels in the field. Existing panels may receive a firmware download to provide the necessary updates to support the new network card. For more information, visit

Securing 30,000+ ATMs Worldwide
Synergistics Inc., introduces its ATMA and MSLR1 ATM vestibule card access control systems. Designed to control access at the point of entry, these systems are programmed to interface with a valid bank card or credit card from an authorized issuer to allow or deny entry to any ATM location. The ATMA is linked through an IP connection and capable of storing more than 4,000 Bank Identification Numbers (BIN). For more information, visit

Decorator A-Bus Keypads
For consumers looking for an alternative to the white A-Bus amplified keypad, Channel Vision now offers two popular finishes ? ivory and almond, in one package. The AB-114A comes complete with a faceplate and buttons for each color, making it suitable for any room d?cor. It integrates seamlessly into any A-Bus system by providing audio amplification to in-room speakers. For more information, visit

Contactless Smart Card Programmer
HID Corporation presents the iCLASS CP400 Contactless Smart Card Programmer. The latest addition to the company's iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology product line enables programming of security-based applications and card management functions. Access control data, personal identification number (PIN) codes and custom keys can now be programmed for additional security. The ability to manage card customers, stock blank credentials and program them on-demand maximizes card management flexibility. For more information, visit

Cameras with New Imaging Technology
Pelco introduces a new imaging technology with its CCC5100 Series SIMD (Single-Instruction, Multiple Data) Cameras. They provide color reproduction over a wide range of lighting conditions with high image quality and dynamic range. The technology of Pelco's 5100 SIMD cameras digitizes light at the point of capture?in real time?and each pixel determines its own exposure time on an individual basis. This process is used instead of each pixel operating at the exposure time demanded by the average brightness of the entire scene (a situation that can result in bright areas being ?blown out" and dark areas being underexposed). For more information, visit

Watch and Record Capabilities Together
American Dynamics IntelleView/SB offers the convenience of two video-based applications in a single box solution. Customers can now watch and record high quality digital video with the Intellex Digital Video Management System while using IntelleView to process, record and track Point-of-Sale transactions, ATM and bank teller activity, and cash and token exchanges. With ?live" transaction surveillance, an integrated case management module and real time e-mail alerts of exception activity, IntelleView/SB integrates data mining software with Intellex and can effectively monitor and analyze any situation that involves transaction-based data. For more information, visit

Electric Strike Debuts
The 4800 strike is Trine's latest addition to its successful Axion line of premium electric strikes. Installation is completely surface mounted, eliminating the need for frame cutting. Tested to well over 1,500,000 life cycles, the Axion 4800 features a one piece locking mechanism which provides over 3000 lbs. of holding force and field adjustability of fail-safe or fail-secure operation. Its built-in electronics allow for 12-24 ac/dc operation as well as surge and kickback protection, all with just two wire leads. For more information, e-mail

High-End Telephone Entry System
Chamberlain Professional Products introduces its Elite model EL25 telephone entry system with adaptable, configurable and flexible options. The system is suited to many applications, including single family residential, multi-tenant apartment buildings, gated communities and light-duty commercial sites. It offers 25 directory codes and features 250 three to nine digit access codes.

The Elite EL25 is also capable of retaining an event record of up to 1,000 transactions. The system is equipped with four controllable relays programmable to accommodate several configurations of door strikes, alarm shunts, CCTV and ?control" relays. A built-in non-volatile memory retains database information in the event power is cut off from the unit. The automatic calendar adjusts for seasonal and annual time changes to avoid continual programming adjustments. The unit can be configured to automatically open or lock at set time periods. For more information, visit

How Suite It Is
Compass Technologies introduces a new suite of software for its SafeAxis, 5E and Navigator product lines. All three systems are based upon the same software platform, field hardware, database and user interface, providing true scalability.

SafeAxis is a PC based access control, alarm monitoring and PhotoID badging system for small to mid-sized applications. Using Microsoft's MSDE database, it combines powerful software, easy to use operator screens, intelligent door controllers and flexible wiring topology. ID Badging, Graphical Maps, Visitor Scheduling/Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, and Anti‑ Passback are included in the standard system software.

Compass 5E can utilize either Microsoft MSDE or SQL Server databases. It meets the security requirements for mid to large sized facilities, supports up to 512 readers and an unlimited number of cardholders.

The Compass Navigator's access control, alarm monitoring and photo ID badging system is designed for large, enterprise applications. Its scalable multi‑server design can support more than 10,000 readers. Navigator employs sophisticated TCP/IP server forwarding enabling the user to configure all of their services on one machine or mix-and-match services on several machines.

For more information, visit

Fewer Inputs, More Outputs
The 7200 Series Door Prop Alarm from Dortronics provides a local audible alarm and an output for a remote alarm, if a door is not closed within a specified time period or has been forced open. This alarm device is offered in several configurations to provide alerts in conjunction with simple stand-alone access control or complex computerized access control systems.

A mirrored door switch output is provided on the 7286-PT Door Prop Alarm for use with a card access system. This can eliminate the need for additional door switch contacts. In addition, the 7286-PT also controls power to the electric locking device, saving extra relay outputs on the access control system for control of other devices. The 7286-PT Series is also supplied with LEDs for indication of Door Secured, Authorized Unlock, Door Open and Door Held Open. This device is easily interfaced with the Dortronics 7600 Series Annunciator/Controllers. For more information, visit

Supervised Wireless Products
HAI is offering a new suite of fully supervised wireless security products to compliment its Omni home control systems. The new wireless products include: 64 Zone Supervised Wireless Receiver; 3 Zone Door/Window Transmitter that includes a mercury tilt switch for garage doors; Quad Pet Immune Motion Detector that reduces false alarms; 4 Button Keyfob that can be programmed to control any HAI Omni feature, such as lights, temperatures, and macros, in addition to security; Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector with Voice Alarm for added safety; and, Panic/Alert Pendant that can trigger outgoing phone calls to up to 8 different numbers, an e-mail notification, or video surveillance recording. For more information, visit

New Generation of Proximity Readers
Kantech is releasing its newest generation of ioProx proximity readers. They feature a streamlined design, quick-connect terminal blocks, and a mullion/keypad combination. The readers offer a cost-effective, easy to install access control solution, using either the XSF format with Kantech's EntraPass access control system, or the 26-bit Wiegand version. The ioProx readers' quick connect terminal blocks allow installers to 'snap and lock' the necessary wires to the reader. Other features include support for unshielded cable, and removable covers. For more information about the ioProx readers, visit

LCD Displays
Panasonic Security Systems launches a new line of LCD displays to include the PLCD15VA 15-inch, PLCD17VA 17-inch and PLCD19VA 19-inch with audio. The units are available with a wide range of optional mounting brackets and are VESA compatible to accommodate any viewing environment. The units feature analog, BNC loop through, S-VHS and VGA inputs to accommodate virtually any video source. The VGA inputs are scalable and auto-sensing up to 1280 x 1040 SXVGA. The multi-input capability of the units allows video and VGA images to be viewed simultaneously in the picture-in-picture (PIP) mode. This feature is ideal when used with Panasonic's WJ-HD300 Series DVRs since it allows operators to simultaneously view video images and set-up/control menus.

In addition to overscan and underscan, the units also provide a 1-1 viewing mode with a full-imaging capability to assure that images are viewed in their entirety. Additional features include auto-centering which aids in the viewing of VGA images, simple icon-driven menus, and adjustable color temperature to adjust for various lighting conditions. Versatile mounting options are also available. For more information, visit www.

Enclosures for Residential Structured Wiring Systems
ICC announces three new innovative enclosure sizes: 14", 21", and 28", for residential structured wiring systems. ICC's new 14", 21", and 28" distribution centers allow internal modules to be mounted vertically or horizontally, facilitating easier layout and wiring of the system, while providing for optimum cable management. Its integrated snap-in module system enables users to quickly insert or move the internal modules. The enclosures' design enables them to hold a higher number of modules than traditional ones. They have ample knockouts for routing cables from the top or the bottom of the enclosure and come with one or two standard NEMA electrical box knockouts to provide power distribution within the enclosure. Their all steel construction and glossy white finish and reversible door give them a clean finished appearance. For more information, visit

High-Resolution Color Camera
By utilizing Digital Pixel System (DPS) technology, the EverFocus EQ600WDII dramatically improves the performance of surveillance camera in extreme lighting conditions. Where traditional CCD cameras have difficulty processing images in strong backlighting, the EverFocus EQ600 WDII processes each pixel independently, correcting for the variations and providing the best possible image under the lighting conditions.

The core innovation of DPS is the inclusion of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) within each pixel of the image sensor, converting an image into digital format immediately at the point of image capture. The sensor's architecture also eliminates any blooming or smearing under extreme conditions, providing unmatched image quality. For more information, visit

Weigh Your Options
Vicon Industries Inc. is adding options for IP, Fiber and UTP systems to its SurveyorVFT camera dome with the introduction of a new, low-cost 22X version. The 22X optical zoom combines with a 12X digital zoom for a combined total zoom capability of 264X. The new 22X camera has a sensitivity of 0.2 footcandles (2 lux) and a horizontal resolution of 470 TV lines. The lens focal length is 4-88 mm. For more information, visit

New Camera Products
TRIVIEW CCVE Camera Products by Tatung offer high-performance color mini domes featuring integral fixed and varifocal auto iris lens, 480 TV lines, indoor/outdoor vandal-resistant versions and sensitive 1/3" CCD chipset. Choose from selectable 12VDC or 24VAC options. The TLM-0251i ?Daylight Readable" 2.5" LCD color monitor is for camera setup and lens adjustments. The 9VDC kit includes AC power adapter and carrying case. For more information, visit

It Is All About Location, Location, Location
Flare, a Personal Emergency Locating System supplied by System Stellar, uses Senstar-Stellar's patented RF technology which sets the industry standard for location accuracy: a long distance of 20 ft. The system also provides coverage outdoors with location up to 100 meters (328 ft.) beyond the buildings without adding additional receivers outdoors.

Flare immediately sounds an audible alert when an alarm occurs. The computer instantly displays a detailed site plan of the alarm zone and indicates the exact point where the alarm occurred. Flare correctly identifies floors, stairwells and corridors in multi-level facilities, as well as distinguishing between indoor and outdoor spaces, so that security personnel can direct quick, accurate responses. For more information, visit

DVR Designed for Internet Video Access
EverSecure, a Matco Company, introduces the DVR-2200-W stand-alone Network Digital Video Recorder designed for Internet video access and control. It accepts 4 composite video inputs and 2 audio inputs, and records the signals digitally in Wavelet compression format on its removable IDE type hard drive (up to 250 GB). The refresh rate is up to 240 fields/sec, recording rate up to 30 frames/sec for full size, 120 frames/sec for quad size (NTSC). With its built-in TCP/IP, ICMP, SMTP, FTP and HTTP protocol and network interface, the DVR-2200-W supports remote control and live video, by either local network or Internet, when an IP address is assigned to it. For more information, visit