Ongoing Developments in Digital Technology

Initiative Allows for Easy Transition to Digital The Digital One initiative, launched by Panasonic earlier this year, provides a seamless transition for video surveillance, biometrics and data integration to a digital system. Its technology is...

The Active Alert software distinguishes between humans, automobiles, and environmental backgrounds. It automatically identifies, timestamps, and classifies behaviors of more than 20 people/objects simultaneously as they move through a scene. The integration of ActivEye's suite of software into the Integral product line enables the viewing, analysis, and use archived video material.

An integrated workstation is also now possible because Integral has grouped up with TAC and combined their systems into a single platform that offers the ability to view live and recorded digital video through I/NET Seven workstations. When an alarm incident or selected event occurs, users can review archived video without having to access a separate video management system or use multiple system interfaces. The video is transmitted across a local area network (LAN).

Additionally, the operator can request real time as well as pre- and post event video for an alarm directly from the alarm acknowledgement screen or from any camera. Recorded video can also be viewed while running a historical report; the system will find the video that matched the event time and date and display it on screen. For more information, visit