Managing all the Elements of Premises Security

Technology Plus Teamwork...And Doing More With Less

Alarm distribution companies have long led the way of integration by offering products other than the core burglar alarm items. Conversely, suppliers to other specialties, such as telcom and electrical, for instance, have also made the transition and broadened lines to supply security-related products.

Due to a struggling economy, few dealers feel that they can afford not to expand their product services to boost up their bottom lines and to fulfill the requests of their multi-tech customers. You are seeing the call for system convergence and are not in a position to leave these calls unanswered.

Security Dealer Technical Editor Tim O'Leary is a 30-year veteran of the security industry and a 10-year contributor to the magazine. O'Leary's background encompasses security consulting since 1986, serving as an independent security company owner/operator, and researching and evaluating new technologies and products introduced to the physical and electronic security fields. He is a member of the VBFAA (Virginia Burglar and Fire Alarm Association), certified for Electronic Security Technician and Sales by the VADCJS (Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services), and has served as a judge for the SIA New Product Showcase. Send your integration questions to