Time Waits for No One

When my daughter was born, my mother told me to enjoy the time I had with her, because it would pass all too quickly. At the time I didn't understand what she meant. Heck, a year is a year, isn't it? That same twelve months doesn't move any faster when you're 10 years old than it does when you're 40.

At least that's what I thought until a couple of years back, when my daughter announced that she was ready to don her first under-garment chest support system, if you get my drift. My daughter and I made an agreement back then that I would never again utter the "B" word in public. She insisted I had publicly humiliated her by waving a training bra high over my head at Macy's as I yelled down the aisle, "Is this the kind of bra you're looking for?" I didn't think I'd escape alive from the women's underwear section. Somehow we managed to get past the incident. But it made me realize that there was truth in what my mother had told me all those years ago. Time does pass all too quickly. I remembered her words again last month as my managing editor, Marleah Blades, and I were putting finishing touches on the 2005 media kit. It suddenly struck me that the January 2005 issue of Security Technology & Design will mark our 15th year as an industry publication. Can't be, I said to myself. It cannot be 15 years since we launched ST&D as the newcomer in a tight, four-magazine security market.

I had just arrived at LPC Publishing in Park Ridge, IL, in 1991 from Altanta, where I helped launch Access Control magazine several years prior. Now I was heading up a company that already had one top publication in its fold: The Locksmith Ledger International. Our goal was to start a security end-user publication that was different- one that would stand on editorial integrity and be written by some of the top consultants and engineers and the most respected end users in the field. The magazine would be cutting edge, discussing new technologies, fresh approaches to managing those technologies, and cost-effective design strategies. Security Technology & Design seemed a natural title.

Now as we approach 2005, Security Technology & Design continues to espouse those values. Today we are the number-one technology and application security publication in the industry. You will notice an exciting new look inside and out for ST&D beginning with our December issue. That is our sneak peak into 2005.

ST&D will stress hot vertical markets in 2005. We will continue to co-sponsor special issues with our dealer partner, Security Dealer magazine. We are also embracing a unique partnership with our editorial mates on SecurityInfoWatch.com, the most comprehensive security portal in the world!

Time has definitely brought changes here at ST&D. However, we'd like to think that the last 15 years has earned us some industry respect and an hour or two of your time during a busy week. Keep reading. Keep corresponding! None of us has time to waste, so we will make sure ST&D remains a valuable friend for another 15 years.

If you have any questions or comments for Steve Lasky regarding this issue or any other, please e-mail him at steve.lasky@cygnuspub.com.