New Products: November

USB Control Module
American Dynamics has made field or bench testing a SpeedDome more convenient with the new ADACSNET USB control module. The ADACSNET USB control module converts any laptop or PC with a USB port into a virtual TouchTracker. In combination with a complementary suite of utilities (available for free at the American Dynamics website) it includes everything needed to program, control, monitor and upgrade a SpeedDome. For more information, call 800-507-6268 or visit

Long Range Super IR
Color Day & Night Outdoor Cameras

CCTVONE unveils it Era05 Series Medium-Range to Super Long-Range High Density IR Day & Night Outdoor Color Cameras with the effective IR distance between 90 to 150 feet. It delivers picture quality of up to 380TV lines during suited applications where there is absolutely no light. The cameras incorporate 1/3" medium resolution CCD, double PC Board Design, automatic CDS Sensor, AWB, BLC, AGC and 0.0 lux night time and high density LED diodes emitting 850 nm wavelength, at 30? radiation angle, and large high density LED emitting at 10 degrees. IR cameras come in a variety of styles for different applications. The all-in-one kits are ready to install and include a power supply and mounting bracket. For more information, visit

Workin' Day and Night
Vicon Industries, Inc. introduces a color camera with day/night functionality and digital signal processing (DSP). With a true day/night mechanical IR filter that automatically switches from color to black-and-white, based on scene conditions, this camera, the VC565DN, offers solid low-light performance and image reproduction. DSP control offers crisp lines and detail reproduction.

The VC565DN offers a sensitivity of 0.0009 foot-candles (0.01 lux) and a resolution of 580 TV lines in night mode or 0.05 foot-candles (0.5 lux) and 480 TV lines in day mode. The user can manually switch from color to monochrome mode for specific applications. An intelligent backlight compensation control determines the lighting conditions of all objects in the scene. The camera has dual auto-iris modes, video-drive lenses and DC-drive lenses. Synchronization is selectable, internal or line-locking. All controls and connectors are conveniently located either on the rear panel or side. The camera accepts CS-mount or C-mount. For more information, visit

If Blue Is Your Color
Paradox introduces the DGP2 641BL LCD keypad module, which has the same reliable technology as the DGP2 641 except that it has a blue backlit display. Features include: 32 character LCD keypad module; Blue backlit display 32 character LCD with programmable labels (via memory key or module broadcast feature); available in English, Spanish, Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish or Turkish; assign to one or more partitions; one addressable zone and one PGM output; independently set chime zones; 14 one-touch action buttons; 3 keypad actuated panic alarms; and, adjustable backlit contrast and scroll speed. For more information, visit

A Speed Dome and a DVD Burner VProtect by EverFocus introduces the VPTZ1000, an intelligent, high-speed dome camera with a Sony ExView CCD sensor, 216x zoom, high resolution (480 TVL) low lux (.7 day~.01 night) and precise stepping motors. The advanced stepping motor technology enables the dome to rotate smoothly, respond sensitively and aim precisely.

Also new from EverFocus is the VP-DVD100, a DigiStore Plus DVD burner that can archive up to 4.7 GB of DVD quality video on each disk. This universal archiving system works with any manufacturer's DVR or multiplexer. It's easy to use with a one-touch record feature and it supports watermarking and Disc write protection. And, the EPR100 Hard Disk Reader allows you to review and archive any portion of an EverFocus hot-swap hard drive from the convenience of your PC. The EPR100 allows for search options, including search by segment, alarm or date/time, and supports watermarking. For more information, visit

Intrusion Detectors
New Blue Line intrusion detectors from Bosch Security Systems, for residential and light commercial applications, offer a flexible, plug-in, modular design. The two-piece design includes a base, complete with knockouts, and a front cover that incorporates all electronics and protected optics. No height adjustments are required for 7.5 ft. to 9 ft. applications. A removable terminal strip allows for easy access to screw terminals and ample space for wiring. The Blue Line detectors feature a blue LED, matte surface finish and reliable Fresnel lens design. Four Blue Line detectors are available, each featuring 35 ft. by 35 ft. coverage. They are the BLP1 Standard PIR; BLP1-P Pet Friendly PIR;BLQ1 Quad PIR; and the BLD1-P TriTech PIR/Microwave. Monochrome and color camera modules are also available to upgrade any Blue Line detector. The monochrome module supports EIA and CCIR video formats. The color module supports NTSC and PAL video formats. For more information on the Blue Line Intrusion Detectors, visit

Recording at a Lower Price
Samsung's new SVR-430 digital video recorder processes images at 120 frames per second (30 fps for each camera) delivering increased detail with no increase in file size per frame. The SVR-430 delivers MPEG-2 compression technology at an economical price. For more information, visit

Versatile Control Panels
Fire?Lite Alarms releases its MS-2 and MS-4 fire alarm control panels. They offer automatic strobe synchronization of audio/visual devices, which enables the control system to perform in compliance with ADA standards, minimizing noise and undue disturbance by ensuring that strobes flash simultaneously. These panels also feature the "EZ Walk Test," which simplifies testing and maintenance and makes inspection easier. The MS-4 also allows for an optional Class-A-Converter (CAC-4) module, which provides for Class A wiring when necessary. While both operate at 24 volts with 3 amps of total power on board, the MS-4 is also capable of supplying a total of 6 amps with an optional transformer. For more information, visit

Power-Video-Data Product
The new, unshielded twisted pair wire (UTP) CCTV power-video-data product, the NV-218A-PVD, from Network Video Technologies (NVT), incorporates the transceiver engine of NVT's popular NV-213A video transceiver to allow a direct video output connection from the camera. It adds power and data connections to and from the camera. The interference rejection and low emissions of the NV-218A-PVD lets video signals co-exist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom, or low-voltage power circuits. For more information, visit

Control for 12 Miles
The SDR900H is a frequency-hopping wireless data system from Trango Systems that allows you to control the pan, tilt, and zoom of a camera from 12 miles away. It integrates easily with most major dome manufacturers and is RS-232, 422, and 485 compatible. Call 858-653-3900 for more information or e-mail

Four Inputs/Six Outputs
Channel Vision introduces the ARIA A4601 four-input six-output A/V matrix controller designed for whole-house audio and video distribution systems. It is intended to be used with a multi-channel audio amplifier, such as the ARIA A1260 twelve-channel 60-watt power amplifier. Any of the A4601's four source inputs can be selected and routed to any of the six zones independent of the other zones through the use of an IR repeating keypad (sold separately). A rack mount version is also available. Model A4601R is equipped with a rack mount faceplate to allow installations in a standard 19" equipment rack. The A4601 and A4601R may be purchased as a part of a kit that includes an A1260 amplifier, six A0127 keypads, and six pairs of IC602 in-ceiling Soprano speakers for a complete whole house audio/video system.

For consumers looking for an alternative to the white A-Bus amplified keypad, Channel Vision now offers two popular finishes: ivory and almond, in one package. The AB-114A comes complete with a faceplate and buttons for each color, making it suitable for any room d?cor. It integrates seamlessly into any A-Bus system by providing audio amplification to in-room speakers.

Very Illuminating
The new DCB100032 High Resolution Day/Night Weatherproof Camera from Digimerge Technologies offers an advanced 1/4" CCD image sensor, 350 horizontal TV line resolution and 6.3mm fixed lens packaged in an IP67 rated aluminum weatherproof housing. Color imaging switches to B&W in low light conditions. 12 Built-in Infrared LEDs provide illumination up to 30 ft. (8M) with minimum illumination of just 0.01lux. For more information, visit

Taking Intelligence To New Heights
New from Rokonet is an intelligent ceiling detector, Industrial LuNAR, with Anti-Cloak Technology (ACT). The unit is very well suited to warehouse installations. Both its mounting height and ACT, solve the issue of impaired PIR detection caused by higher temperatures common to warehouses.

Industrial LuNAR features Intelligent Digital Signal Processing methods that automatically adjust the alarm threshold and pulse count verification according to actual intruder behavior and environmental factors.

Once installed, the Industrial LuNAR can be adjusted and diagnosed remotely by either using the bi-directional Remote Control or via the LCD keypad or Upload/Download software (when installed together with Rokonet's ProSYS Integrated Security System). For more information, visit

Meeting New UL Standards
System Sensor Audible/Visible notification devices meet the new compliance standards set by Underwriter's Laboratory for Current Draw and Voltage Drop that went into effect on May 1, 2004. Previously, UL measured Current Draw post-in rush current and did not take into consideration the in-rush or the peak current. The new measurement standard requires all manufacturers to publish one number that considers the in-rush current, peak current and the average current, measures in Root Mean Squared. While the measurement equation remains the same for Voltage Drop, UL now requires all 12V products to be listed between 8 ? 17.5V and all 24V products to be listed between 16 ? 33V. All System Sensor products with a date code after May 1, 2004, comply with these measures. For more information, visit

Access Controller
Software House releases iSTAR Pro, its latest access control panel. iSTAR Pro provides lower total system cost, a simpler installation process, and enhanced reliability. Drawing from the original controller's technology, the new iSTAR Pro utilizes only two circuit boards. With its new instant database backup and restore capabilities, iSTAR Pro provides a reliable security solution. This new feature protects a business' critical security data, even in the case of communications failure. For more information, visit

Transmission and Viewing Enhancements
Pelco introduces the PelcoFiber Series fiber optic transmission system for video and data. It offers an all-digital, 8-bit video/data transmission solution specifically designed to accommodate the high-quality, high-bandwidth, and high-reliability requirements of security systems. Best of all, PelcoFiber transmitter/receiver units are compatible and can be easily and quickly set to work with the industry's most popular multi-protocol transmission formats.

Also, together with Belgium-based Barco Visual Solutions, LLC, Pelco releases the next-generation in visual display technology. The Barco visualization solution is an alternative to the traditional banks of computer and video display monitors currently found in security control room environments. It has the capability to blend and control direct inputs from RGB (computer signals), analog video, streaming (IP) video, and any graphical data passed via the network. Each of these sources can be flexibly viewed on the large video wall at any position, and be resized on the spot.

Wireless Ethernet System
MicroTek Electronics releases the MiniLink Wireless Ethernet System. The new system, based on 802.11a technology, operates in the license free 5.3 and 5.8 GHz U-NII bands. The system of dual RF modules is designed as a plug and play CAT5/Ethernet cable replacement product for use with standard Ethernet devices such as DVRs, video servers, IP cameras, routers/hubs, etc.

The system features 9 user selectable channels. The MiniLink Wireless Ethernet System employs switch selectable setup functions using LED indicators for ease of operation. The signal between the RF modules is encrypted for secure transmission, preventing unauthorized access. Components of the MiniLink Wireless Ethernet system are housed in weatherproof billet aluminum cases. For more information, visit

Long Range Zooms
Fujinon introduces its latest CCTV long-range zoom lenses, the C22x23 one-inch format zoom and D60x12.5 ?-inch super telephoto. Both lenses feature Iris Override and Day/Night capability within an extended focal length lens.

The C22x23 reaches a focal length of 500mm with a range from 23mm to 506mm. Because of its extended focal range, this lens does not require a 2x extender, ensuring sharper, faster, and brighter images.

The 1/2-inch format D60x12.5 super telephoto lens has a focal length range of 12.5mm to 1,500mm. At only 354mm long, the lens is approximately half the size of traditional lenses.

The Iris Override function, included on both lenses, allows operators to manually control iris adjustments. For more information, call 973-633-5600 or visit

Analog Addressable Control Panel
Gamewell introduces the IdentiFlex (IF) 654/658 analog addressable control panel. Suited to commercial, institutional, and industrial life safety applications, it has the power and features to handle projects of any size and complexity, in addition to being compatible with three addressable protocols. The IF 654/658 can be configured to monitor and control both analog intelligent addressable devices and conventional hardwired zones. It can accommodate up to sixteen 600 series expansion modules and can support up to 128 conventional input circuits or more than 2,000 addressable points using the XP95 protocol. With the SmartScan protocol, up to 3,168 addressable points can be accommodated. For more information, visit

Waving a Magic Wand
GTO, Inc. offers the GTO/PRO, an automatic gate opener exit wand, or driveway probe, that works with any brand of automatic gate opener. They're generally used to allow free exit from a gated property. The GTO/PRO exit wand features an adjustment potentiometer (POT), which allows the user to change the magnetic sensitivity range from a three to 12 foot radius. The POT adjustment can be changed to avoid unwanted moving metal objects such as other moving gates, metal play equipment or bicycles from activating the gate operator. The unit is ideal for traditional AC powered operators, battery powered operators and solar applications. For more information, visit