New Products: November

USB Control Module American Dynamics has made field or bench testing a SpeedDome more convenient with the new ADACSNET USB control module. The ADACSNET USB control module converts any laptop or PC with a USB port into a virtual TouchTracker. In...

Industrial LuNAR features Intelligent Digital Signal Processing methods that automatically adjust the alarm threshold and pulse count verification according to actual intruder behavior and environmental factors.

Once installed, the Industrial LuNAR can be adjusted and diagnosed remotely by either using the bi-directional Remote Control or via the LCD keypad or Upload/Download software (when installed together with Rokonet's ProSYS Integrated Security System). For more information, visit

Meeting New UL Standards
System Sensor Audible/Visible notification devices meet the new compliance standards set by Underwriter's Laboratory for Current Draw and Voltage Drop that went into effect on May 1, 2004. Previously, UL measured Current Draw post-in rush current and did not take into consideration the in-rush or the peak current. The new measurement standard requires all manufacturers to publish one number that considers the in-rush current, peak current and the average current, measures in Root Mean Squared. While the measurement equation remains the same for Voltage Drop, UL now requires all 12V products to be listed between 8 ? 17.5V and all 24V products to be listed between 16 ? 33V. All System Sensor products with a date code after May 1, 2004, comply with these measures. For more information, visit

Access Controller
Software House releases iSTAR Pro, its latest access control panel. iSTAR Pro provides lower total system cost, a simpler installation process, and enhanced reliability. Drawing from the original controller's technology, the new iSTAR Pro utilizes only two circuit boards. With its new instant database backup and restore capabilities, iSTAR Pro provides a reliable security solution. This new feature protects a business' critical security data, even in the case of communications failure. For more information, visit

Transmission and Viewing Enhancements
Pelco introduces the PelcoFiber Series fiber optic transmission system for video and data. It offers an all-digital, 8-bit video/data transmission solution specifically designed to accommodate the high-quality, high-bandwidth, and high-reliability requirements of security systems. Best of all, PelcoFiber transmitter/receiver units are compatible and can be easily and quickly set to work with the industry's most popular multi-protocol transmission formats.

Also, together with Belgium-based Barco Visual Solutions, LLC, Pelco releases the next-generation in visual display technology. The Barco visualization solution is an alternative to the traditional banks of computer and video display monitors currently found in security control room environments. It has the capability to blend and control direct inputs from RGB (computer signals), analog video, streaming (IP) video, and any graphical data passed via the network. Each of these sources can be flexibly viewed on the large video wall at any position, and be resized on the spot.

Wireless Ethernet System
MicroTek Electronics releases the MiniLink Wireless Ethernet System. The new system, based on 802.11a technology, operates in the license free 5.3 and 5.8 GHz U-NII bands. The system of dual RF modules is designed as a plug and play CAT5/Ethernet cable replacement product for use with standard Ethernet devices such as DVRs, video servers, IP cameras, routers/hubs, etc.

The system features 9 user selectable channels. The MiniLink Wireless Ethernet System employs switch selectable setup functions using LED indicators for ease of operation. The signal between the RF modules is encrypted for secure transmission, preventing unauthorized access. Components of the MiniLink Wireless Ethernet system are housed in weatherproof billet aluminum cases. For more information, visit

Long Range Zooms
Fujinon introduces its latest CCTV long-range zoom lenses, the C22x23 one-inch format zoom and D60x12.5 ?-inch super telephoto. Both lenses feature Iris Override and Day/Night capability within an extended focal length lens.

The C22x23 reaches a focal length of 500mm with a range from 23mm to 506mm. Because of its extended focal range, this lens does not require a 2x extender, ensuring sharper, faster, and brighter images.