New Products: November

USB Control Module American Dynamics has made field or bench testing a SpeedDome more convenient with the new ADACSNET USB control module. The ADACSNET USB control module converts any laptop or PC with a USB port into a virtual TouchTracker. In...

The 1/2-inch format D60x12.5 super telephoto lens has a focal length range of 12.5mm to 1,500mm. At only 354mm long, the lens is approximately half the size of traditional lenses.

The Iris Override function, included on both lenses, allows operators to manually control iris adjustments. For more information, call 973-633-5600 or visit

Analog Addressable Control Panel
Gamewell introduces the IdentiFlex (IF) 654/658 analog addressable control panel. Suited to commercial, institutional, and industrial life safety applications, it has the power and features to handle projects of any size and complexity, in addition to being compatible with three addressable protocols. The IF 654/658 can be configured to monitor and control both analog intelligent addressable devices and conventional hardwired zones. It can accommodate up to sixteen 600 series expansion modules and can support up to 128 conventional input circuits or more than 2,000 addressable points using the XP95 protocol. With the SmartScan protocol, up to 3,168 addressable points can be accommodated. For more information, visit

Waving a Magic Wand
GTO, Inc. offers the GTO/PRO, an automatic gate opener exit wand, or driveway probe, that works with any brand of automatic gate opener. They're generally used to allow free exit from a gated property. The GTO/PRO exit wand features an adjustment potentiometer (POT), which allows the user to change the magnetic sensitivity range from a three to 12 foot radius. The POT adjustment can be changed to avoid unwanted moving metal objects such as other moving gates, metal play equipment or bicycles from activating the gate operator. The unit is ideal for traditional AC powered operators, battery powered operators and solar applications. For more information, visit