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We've just installed a narrow stile electronic entry unit on an outswinging storefront door. The client is thrilled. We took out the old deadbolt and installed a deadlatch, paddle and narrow stile unit. However, the client has now decided that he wants to discourage the public from using this door for egress. We are feeling that our options are limited in respect to interfacing options because we installed a standalone controller.

A: For your particular application, there is an easy, cost effective and functional solution. Your unit is designed to operate a standard deadlatch? typically used in aluminum tube doors and frames. You cannot inhibit egress through the subject door because of fire and life safety codes but you can take measures to discourage egress through this door by means of signage and an audible exit alarm. The trick is to allow authorized entry while monitoring for unauthorized egress.

Use a battery powered audible exit alarm. Instead of monitoring door position with the internal magnetic reed switch, connect the audible alarm's input to the dry contact output from a deadlatch paddle with monitor (REX) contact output. The mechanical latch retraction function of the paddle will permit free egress; but when the paddle is pushed, it will trigger the audible alarm.

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