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Contracts Valued Over $8 Million Honeywell and North American Video team up to supply digital video surveillance systems for the Northern Quest Casino in Airway Heights, WA; the Soaring Eagle Casino in Pleasant, MI; and the Aruba Marriot Resort...

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With VideoSave's new CES 2 server, surveillance clients can now choose between high security offsite CCTV archival in the firm's offsite video vault, and low cost onsite storage for regular video. Or, they can have it both ways. VideoSave's Internet-based system enables clients to send legally critical video to the central video vault, while storing regular surveillance images onsite.

VideoSave Inc. will demonstrate the benefits of its out-sourcing service for video storage and camera/communications management during the November ISC East trade show. They will be at booth #1480.

VideoSave's offsite video vault permits multi-year storage, places CCTV images beyond reach of tampering or sabotage, and provides robust third party provenance. Offsite storage also preserves surveillance images despite fire, hurricane, flood, earthquake or other disaster. Store robbers can't cover their tracks by removing surveillance equipment.

VideoSave's clients typically assign 20% to 100% of their CCTV images to the offsite video vault. Long-term storage thwarts bogus slip-and-fall sidewalk accident and other lawsuits by covering legal statutes of limitation. No longer can fake-accident perpetrators outflank CCTV evidence by waiting 30 days before filing their lawsuits-the typical limit of conventional DVR storage.

A nominal monthly fee covers system monitoring, maintenance and software upgrading. VideoSave also charges a slightly higher monthly fee for offsite storage and professional image management. Unlike DVR's, the VideoSave CES server regularly has software upgrades and maintenance applied to it remotely and automatically. Online monitoring allows VideoSave staff to constantly monitor server health and notify users in the event of a server or camera outage.

Clients can display CCTV video from multiple sites and view multiple cameras, on a single PC screen. Any individual image can be selected and magnified for close-up scrutiny. Whether stored onsite or offsite, client's CCTV video can be viewed anywhere and at any time. For more information, visit