Protecting Our Water

"When you drink the water, remember the spring." - Chinese proverb I grew up in the shadow of a water tower. On hot summer nights I would climb to the top, sit with my back against the tank and wait for the cooling breeze that would arrive just...

In tests and field conditions, the detector remains stable in a driving rainstorm because water and airborne debris moves across or away from the detection field. Likewise, vehicular and pedestrian traffic beneath the sensor do not cause nuisance alarms. Installers can field configure the LT to alarm when someone is moving away from the detector or approaching and receding from the sensor, making it ideal for catwalks and emergency escape ladders. The output of the Pyramid LT is a dry contact transfer that can be connected to any peripheral device such as lighting, CCTV or a wireless alarm transmitter. It was quickly adopted by several water utilities in the United States because it offers reliable protection against climbing. The applications for the Pyramid LT are not limited to water utilities. It also works for for high- tension transmission line towers, microwave telecommunication and grain storage structures. Protection Technologies builds the sensor into an explosion-proof enclosure for use in hazardous and explosive environments.

Remember the Spring
A Chinese proverb says, "When you drink the water, remember the spring." The Department of Homeland Security has heeded this advice. Protecting the nation's water supply from terrorism is a high priority of the DHS. Water, food and fuel production facilities rely on physical security, electronic intrusion detection and response systems to reduce the threat of vandalism, malicious contamination and potential injury litigation.

The DHS provides grants to protect water, food and fuel facilities. However, the funds are allocated to vast infrastructure. Utilities must choose protective measures within tight budgets. The EPA's Water and Wastewater Security Products Guide is a great place to begin the search for the right products to remember your spring.

Dick Zunkel is a contributing editor and frequent contributing writer to Security Technology and Design.