Verticle Markets: Enriching the Security of Patrons and Artifacts

Enriching the Security of Patrons and Artifacts The Indiana State Museum Exhibits A Fully Integrated Video Security System. The city of Indianapolis, IN is home to the annual Indianapolis 500 and the NBA's Eastern Conference Champion Indiana...

"The matrix system is programmed to run dual group and tour sequences automatically so that the guards can scan the monitors and get a good overview of the entire facility. Each of the overview screens display 16 multiplexed cameras," explains Toler.

The Panasonic Matrix System 850 installed in the Indiana State Museum is controlled using Panasonic's PFW-850 Graphical User interface control software. The software provides the museum's guard staff with an easy and highly efficient means to control the matrix switcher?including all camera programming and control functions as well as monitoring assignments.

Real Time Coverage
"We record all 130 plus cameras on Panasonic DVRs. We presently have over 10 terabytes of storage in our DVR system to accommodate the camera capacity," Toler explains. "Initially, we had 7 terabytes of storage, but added and additional 3 terabytes to accommodate the additional camera system located in our parking garage that we incorporated into the Panasonic Matrix System 850. The Panasonic DVRs are set up to record 24/7 in real time with a 30 day archive backup. We find this to be a good record/archive ratio."

The Panasonic DVRs installed in the museum are interfaced via a dedicated network. Toler states, "The networked DVRs provide us with a tremendous degree of versatility"

He can assign any camera to record on any DVR via PC control. "We have the ability to call up any camera recording from virtually any PC located here in the facility, from my home PC or from a laptop computer virtually anywhere in the world," he states.

"We run Panasonic's WV-AS50 DVR viewing software on two PCs which provide us with complete control of our DVR network. In addition to controlling the DVRs, we can use the software for pan/tilt/zoom camera control. The DVR viewing software provides an easy and effective way to manage DVRs on an enterprise level with the ability to individually control, access, playback and transfer images from one unit to another across a digital network platform," says Toler.

Panasonic's WV-AS50 DVR Viewing Software allows simultaneous viewing of up to 16 cameras from any recorder, or recorded images for each DVR connected to the network. Images can be accessed randomly or automatically through alarm logs and be downloaded from the DVRs onto the PC's hard drive. User name and password protection provide authorized access to the system. A camera operation panel is also incorporated into the program to provide camera control capabilities from any location with custom screens.

The Panasonic surveillance system installed at the Indiana State Museum integrates all of the critical security functions, such as alarm, fire and access systems, allowing the security staff to simultaneously monitor all systems from the centralized security command center. "We have a comprehensive intrusion and fire alarm system with smoke detectors in the ceilings and glass break detectors that are integrated into the Panasonic Matrix System 850 and control software," continues Toler. "If an alarm is sounded, the signal automatically activates the Panasonic system to bring up cameras located in the affected area so we can instantly view the incident. We also have the capability to control all the lights throughout the entire building, as well as the HVAC system."

Everything is right at the security staff's fingertips in the control center. Facility management also has a similar monitoring station in their offices in the event they see a condition that warrants attention, such as humidity control in the exhibits area.

"Our surveillance and security system has become a showcase for other facilities," Toler proudly proclaims. "The national governor's conference was held in this facility. It was one of the largest activities ever staged at the museum and we had security personnel from virtually every state here for their respective governor. They were very pleased with the performance and coverage provided by our system."

The museum has played host for a number of demonstrations of the system. Security personnel from the Zoo, regional banks, the library and other museums have come in to see the capabilities of this system.