Breaking The Law: Question The CCTV/Surveillance Expert

Q Has the security industry had any legal issues and resolutions with the use of covert security cameras recently? A Yes, the industry has reached a legal agreement in the State of New York. The background of the incident involves a New...

This type of technology provides high-speed frame rate and ensures enhanced detail as moving pictures are captured. The integration of sensors and processors within the technology enables the creation of very small cameras that can be deployed in security applications. The technology affords true "camera-on-a-chip" solutions. For example, a DPS sensor with a small RISC processor can perform image reconstruction, color processing and JPEG compression at video frame rates prior to data output. DPS technology promises great advances in consumer electronics as well, and will be incorporated into digital video and still cameras, giving users the ability to capture realistic, detailed images even in low-light. Eventually, Internet devices will let consumers capture high-quality digital images and transmit them instantaneously anywhere.

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