Hot Products: September

Security Recording For Small Retailers

Sanyo Security Products makes security recording and playback easier and more affordable for small retail establishments with its hard drive recorder, DSR-3506. It's ideal for security installations in convenience stores, fast-food outlets, gas stations and other small businesses.

The unit features a built-in six-channel duplex multiplexer for recording and viewing up to six color or monochrome cameras. Simultaneous real-time live display of all six channels can be accomplished with the DSR-3506. The storage capacity of the unit is expandable depending on the storage requirements. The DSR-3506 has two bays that are capable of 300 per bay, for a total of 600 GB.

Other features include: downloadable audio through the network (in addition to video); faster recording speeds, which allows recording up to 60 frames per second; individual camera field recording assignment; and a smaller file size down to 10K is available. For applications requiring removable media, a CompactFlash slot is built-in. For more information, visit

A Software Solution for IP Cameras

New from Ionit, 6.0 software allows authorized users to access cameras that are connected to ionitPro+ or ionitRT DVRs via Internet Explorer. Digitally clear video plays on the remote monitor via Windows Media Player. Ionit's 6.0 software turns existing CCTV cameras into IP addressable ones. The Ionit DVR has one IP address; which is all you need to access cameras 1-16 on the Ionit system via LAN or WAN. And, Ionit users can receive audio when connected to the Ionit DVR. See it up close at ASIS Booth #1147.

For more information, visit

A Cost-Effective Option For Smaller Installations

DSC unveils a cost-effective wireless key receiver, the RF5108-433, designed to address smaller, less complex security installations. It is compatible with DSC's PowerSeries alarm panels and simultaneously supports up to eight wireless zones and eight wireless keys.

It is compact and easy to install. When used with DSC's WS4939 wireless key, the RF5108-433 arms or disarms any PowerSeries security system and can be programmed to activate garage door openers, turn on lights, open powered gates or trigger a panic alarm. For more information, visit

New Access Control Software

Compass Technologies introduces a new version of patented software for its 5E access control system Incorporating an industry standard MSDE or SQL server 2000 database, the Compass 5E software is totally modular with components running as true Windows services.

The 5E is capable of supporting up to 1,024 readers and 30 workstations per server. The software is designed to handle even the heaviest transaction loads using SOAP and extensible markup language (XML). The new Navigator interface allows real time connection to other user databases such as HR or University Registrar systems.

Compass Technologies is a subsidiary of Wheelock, Inc. The product is on view at ASIS, Booth #902. For more information, visit

Digital Multiplexer/Recorder

This new digital multiplexer/recorder from GE Security has all the features of the DVMRe Triplex, plus a built-in DVD+R writer and one-button printing for quick, easy evidence sharing. Record at 120 pictures per second to catch all crucial details from any camera in your system. Watch live or playback images while continuing to record.

Check it out at ASIS, Booth #2109. For more information, visit

Keeping An Eye On Unsupervised Doors

Dortronics Systems, Inc.'s 7200-PT Series Door Prop Alarm is designed to provide an audible alarm if a door is not closed within a specified time period or forced open. The new units are designed for ease of installation and integration with a variety of Dortronics systems products. The 7200-PT Series Door Prop Alarm provides universal operation. Opening the door activates the PT timer unit which provides a mirrored door switch output to an access system. After the allotted door open time which can be preset from 5 seconds to 90 minutes has expired, a local warning period begins when an alarm condition is triggered. If the door is forced open, an alarm immediately sounds and a signal is sent to the monitoring station. When supplied with an optional push button, momentary switch contacts are available to provide an R-E-X signal to access control. For more information, visit

Fire Product Line Expands

The System Sensor SpectrAlert series now offers selectable output wall-mount horns, strobes and horns/strobes, providing key performance features long associated with the SpectrAlert name. The selectable candela strobes and horn/strobes offer average current draws that are lower than conventional fixed-candela SpectrAlert products, as well as lower than similar selectable candela products. Since less current is consumed, even more devices per loop can be connected, resulting in a lower installed cost.

All strobe and horn/strobe models incorporate a new patent-pending voltage booster design that has a more consistent flash bulb voltage over the range of candela selections. The selectable output line incorporates the same stylish, low profile design of the conventional SpectrAlert products, providing a consistent and aesthetically pleasing appearance across the entire product line.

The selectable output line features installation-friendly options, such as 2- and 4-wire operation; the ability to standardize size back boxes with no encroachment into the box; and, universal mounting integrating the labor-saving QuickClick feature that eliminates mounting screws. For more information, visit

System Controller For Versatile Integration

A recently launched system controller from Panasonic Security Systems, the WV-CU650 is designed to provide comprehensive camera and digital video recorder (DVR) control in a variety of configurations. It provides comprehensive control capabilities over camera zoom, pan/tilt and programmable features. The WV-CU650 extends the operational capabilities of Panasonic DVRs by providing a single control source for Panasonic WJ-HD500 and WJ-HD300 Series DVRs, and matrix switchers.

For DVR control, a jog/shuttle dial is provided to easily locate recorded images and bookmarks, along with dedicated record, playback and search buttons. Dedicated buttons are also included for switching and sequencing modes and to position camera titles. In addition, a user setting button on the WV-CU650 allows operators to store frequently accessed functions. For more information, visit

Dome Cameras With Dual Video Streams

DVTel Inc. announces a new series of IP dome cameras with dual video streams that enable different recording and viewing rates (1-30 fps NTSC/25 PAL). Multi-DSP video processing and precision optics deliver high quality images at the lowest network bandwidth and storage costs. DVTel's cameras are designed to meet tough surveillance applications. High-speed precision camera presets, tours, privacy zones and user friendly on-screen programming are all standard. Markets range from schools to transportation to industrial process control monitoring. For more information, visit

New DVR Chip

Aegis Micro introduces the VPON 100 DVR chip. Linux-based operating system (O.S.) and firmware are stored on a DOM chip and no OS installation is required. Features include: up to 16 cameras in one system; browser-based; one channel of audio recording; two-way audio transmission; up to 480FPS of live display; H.263/JPEG/MJPEG compression; static/dynamic IPs; Internet/ Intranet/direct dial-up; continuous recording/schedule recording motion detection; IR remote or GUI interface; and, free multiple viewing software. The VPON 100 Kit includes DOM chip, one four port capture card, IR remote and receiver. Additional cards are available. For more information, visit

Surge Protected Power Strip

ICC introduces its new 15A/125 VAC surge suppressed power strip. It protects against damage to high-tech communications equipment. Its slim design occupies only one rack mount space (1RMS). An Internet circuit breaker and integrated line noise circuitry protect against data disruption from frequency or voltage interferences. This 15A surged protected power strip is UL and CUL listed and capable of providing protection to equipment up to a maximum clamping voltage of 330 volts.

It features eight rear outlets, a front mounted illuminated on/off switch, and a 12 foot long power cord. For more information, visit

Bullet Cameras

Channel Vision has added new bullet cameras to its line of surveillance products. They feature 3.6 mm lens, weatherproof design, and a sunshield, making it perfect for outdoor applications. The B/W version, Model 5305, has a 1/3 Samsung CCD and offers 400 lines of resolution with 0/3 lux at F2.0. The color version, Model 6305, has a 1/4 Sony color CCD and offers 330 lines of resolution with 0.5 l lux at F2.0. Both cameras are available with black or off-white casing. They come ready to install and include a power supply and universal swivel mount. Use in conjunction with any Channel Vision modulators to create a home surveillance system. For more information, visit

New Fiber Link Installation Packs

American Fibertek, Inc. offers Fiber Link Installation Packs (FLIP) packaged to provide systems installers with a fast and easy way to select and install fiber systems. FLIPs are available in several different product configurations to provide installers with a range of components most commonly used for basic fiber system applications.

Each FLIP contains a mated transmitter and receiver; dealers need only select the FLIP with the transmission features and performance parameters that best meet your application needs. For more information, visit

Power over Ethernet Network

Axis Communications announces several new products. The AXIS 211 Network Camera, the AXIS 206W, and the AXIS 206M. The 211, which provides 802.3af compatible Power over Ethernet, is designed to be used in high performance surveillance applications in markets including education, retail, transportation, healthcare and government.

It contains a built-in Web server and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support for easy connection to a local network or the Internet. Once installed, the AXIS 211 delivers real-time images or live video at up to 30 frames per second in full VGA (640x480) resolution. A progressive scan image sensor and varifocal DC-iris lens enables the camera to deliver superior image quality for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The AXIS 206W, a small network camera that connects wirelessly to a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), offers users in the retail, education, small business and small office/home office (SOHO) markets a compact, cost-efficient surveillance solution that does not require cabling for installation. It supports the IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi standard, removing the need for network cabling when installing and using the network camera. It contains a built-in Web server and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support, enabling easy set up on the wireless network.

The AXIS 206M, another small network camera with megapixel resolution, is suited to monitoring schools, offices, retail stores and homes over the Internet. It delivers images at resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 pixels, and can also produce HDTV 16:9 widescreen format, going beyond traditional TV resolution. It contains a built-in Web server, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support and free AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service, connecting directly to a local network or the Internet. For more information, visit

High Definition Card Printer/Encoder

Fargo, which markets card identity systems that create personalized plastic identification cards complete with digital images, text, lamination and electronically encoded information, launches the HDP600 Card Printer/Encoder. It's is a dual-sided, full-color printer/encoder that utilizes Fargo's patented High Definition Printing (HDP) technology.

The HDP600, the first in the line of Fargo's Next Generation printers, features a compact design that's 50% smaller and lighter than previous HDP models. The HDP600's High Definition Printing technology prints images onto a special film, which is then fused into the surface of the card through heat and pressure, for clarity, color depth, vibrancy and improved durability.

A Card Lamination Module, Magnetic Stripe Encoder and E-Card Docking Station are available as factory-installed options. For more information, visit

All The Benefits Of A Web-Based System

TAC Xenta 527 is a Web-based graphical interface to access TAC's I/NET Seven high-performance security system and TAC Vista, an open system building management solution. Xenta 527 provides 24-hour access to monitor alarms and modify reports from any location with Internet connection. I/NET Seven is a flexible, reliable, security and energy management solution for integrated, interoperable building management, including access-initiated control, powerful reporting, scalable software, CCTV and video badging capabilities, and critical alarm monitoring. For more information, visit

Motion Analysis Camera Control Software

Photron USA, Inc. introduces Motion Tools, an automated slow motion analysis camera control software. Designed for use with Photron's PC-based high speed video cameras, the software package is included at no additional charge with Photron's high speed video cameras, the FASTCAM PCI, FASTCAM-X 1280 PCI and the FASTCAM-X 512 PCI. The basic camera control and image replay software includes simple, automatic single-point tracking, or a manual tracking feature that captures one to four points per frame. Optional modules are available offering a variety of additional feature. For more information, visit

Get DVD Quality Video Allied Security Professionals offers versatile 60 to 240 FPS video capture rates and 80Gb to 800Gb storage capacity with its new 16-channel Omni-R DVR. Simultaneous audio recording on all 16 channels is also available. When set for the highest image resolution, the unit records video at DVD-quality, capturing even the smallest details. Other features include built-in digital inputs and outputs, remote viewing capability, control of most brand-name PTZ cameras, and multiple monitor support. For more information, visit

Meeting The Needs of Security And IT

The MPEG-4 IP speed dome camera from Comtex is an industrial-grade speed dome. Comtex has embedded a leading-edge MPEG-4 codec into this product which offers high-resolution video transmission over Ethernet protocol. One of the factors driving demand for IP-addressable cameras is the increasing use of wireless transmission for video surveillance and monitoring applications. With the fully integrated Comtex dome, attaching analog cameras to external encoders is no longer necessary since the video is digitized and compressed inside the dome.

Mace M-Series -- The M Series gateways connect you directly to all the information in the field. Controlling multiple cameras in parallel (with on-line PTZ control), Video Motion Detection on all cameras, integrated sensor inputs (proximity, door open, etc) and full DVR capabilities on all video channels gives you a full grasp on what's going on out there. You monitor the situation in real-time, or let the system alert you when something happens: motion, sensor activation or security breach.

With the vast support of data networks (including LAN, Wi-Fi, analog phone lines and all cellular protocols), together a line of (PCs, PDAs and cellular phones) information is accessible from anywhere. Whether you are in the Control Center, at home or on the road, the data is there for you. Visit for more information.

Get The Signal

Edwards Signaling & Security Systems presents the Adaptatone Millennium Mini-Mi compact audible signal. With a 6 by 5 footprint, the Mini-Mi has the same high performance standards as Edwards' full-sized Adaptatone Millennium Signaling Systems but with a low profile and cost. Mini-Mi's modular design delivers the right solution for any application where audible devices are appropriate: speaker amplifier, stand-alone tone generation, or field-recorded voice operation.

It's weatherproof and available with RS485 connectivity and a UL 1971 rated strobe. The unit is also compatible with Edwards' new Millennium Event Driver Interface software (MEDI) for remote signaling and scheduling throughout a facility directly from a laptop or desktop. For more information, visit

Turnstile Access

The OptiStile 220SB from Gunnebo Omega incorporates anti-tailgating technology into a compact, four foot long pedestal. Designed for environments where space is limited and a high level of security is required, the physical barriers on the 220SB can be set to either pop out when an unwanted user enters the lane, or alternatively, as a normally closed barrier, only opening upon presentation of a valid access control card.

Also new from Gunnebo Omega is the Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen system that manages the turnstile lanes. Real time observations to better serve the management of flow control is enhanced by the touch screen system. It provides information such as live people counts entering and exiting, with running totals per lane and alarm modes that enhances people flow management. For more information, visit

An Intelligent Card Printer

Zebra's P520i is an intelligent dual-sided color card printer that harnesses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to automate key processes and make it easier to use. It quickly and easily produces high-quality, secure laminated photo ID cards on site and on demand for medium- to large-volume applications. The P205 is designed primarily for companies and organizations looking to create personalized identification, membership, and guest or loyalty cards. Large numbers of personalized color cards can be created by ordering custom cards with a pre-printed color logo and images and then personalizing them with a Zebra P205 printer. The printer easily adds information such as a customer's name, black & white photo, account number, and length of affiliation to the front or back of a card. Additional information can also be printed on the card in the form of a bar code. For more information, visit

Another ASIS Rollout

Synergistics Inc. introduces Presidio, a multi-featured access control system that is completely Web-based and requires no locally installed software. Presidio is scalable to meet any configuration and can be completely integrated with various industry leading access control system hardware controllers. Through the use of 128SSL encryption, alarms and events can be securely monitored in real-time via the Internet/Intranet with alarm event information routed automatically to cell phones, pagers and e-mail. Other standard features include: alarm prioritization, anti-passback capability, scheduled reports via email and online help screens.

Supported by intelligent modular controllers, Presidio downloads cardholder and other configuration information in order to determine access levels. It is programmable for up to 255 different access levels and can control entry points and alarms from the front door to the elevators. Built on a fully networkable, IP-addressable hardware platform, Presidio is accessible through TCP/IP via the Internet/Intranet/LAN or wireless connection. For more information, visit

CCTV Power Supplies

Honeywell Power Products (HPP) introduces its CCTV Power Supply products. They are designed for a wide variety of applications and provide a constant source of individually fused AC outputs to operate CCTV cameras and other video accessories. With both 12VDC and 24VAC, from 300ma to 8 amps of fully regulated supply current.

HPP's new CCTV Power Supply Group features incoming power fused on both the primary and secondary side, hinged and vented enclosures with seven convenient knockouts, a power disconnect switch, input and output transient protection, and individually fused 4, 8, or 16 outputs with LED status indicators for each output. All transformers have built-in thermal overload protection: HPP's distribution boards handle over-current protection with either easily replaceable automotive style fuses (which are widely available), or auto-reset PTC's that do not need replacing.

The power supplies are UL listed. For more information, visit

Long Range Fiber Optic Video Camera

Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc., offers a new camera that provides quality imaging for both long and short-range CCTV applications. The unit includes a vandal-resistant camera housing, optical converter, voltage regulator, CCD camera, 3.5 - 8mm vari-focal auto-iris lens, sun shroud, camera mount and ST connections. Options include heater, and choice of multimode or singlemode cameras in color or black & white. The color version switches to black & white at night for maximum image quality.

For more information, e-mail

Decode Digital Video and Audio

Axis Communications launches the AXIS 292 Network Video Decoder, which enables customers to decode digital video and audio from Axis network video products into analog signals. The AXIS 292 is designed for situations where an analog monitor is required for the surveillance applications, such as a public display TV monitor in a retail store, or in a remote surveillance center that largely employs CCTV equipment.

The AXIS 292 enables users to decode digital video and audio streams, converting them into analog signals sent over the network. The signals can then be connected to standard analog devices, such as CCTV or public display TV monitors, as well as existing video switching systems.

The AXIS 292 can decode full frame rate 30fps MPEG-2 video for all resolutions, including Full D1 (720x576) video. When running Motion JPEG, the AXIS 292 will be able to decode video up to CIF at full frame rate.

It decodes video and audio from all current Axis Motion JPEG and MPEG-2 based products. For more information, visit

Modern & Miniature

KT&C, USA introduces its' newest edition to its line of domes. The unit is modern, miniature and utilizes Sony's 1/3 Super HAD CCD to offer a picture quality of up to 480TV lines. Evolving from KT&C's low lux pinhole dome, this dome camera is more versatile and is suited to applications where there is absolutely no light. With 12 High Density IR LEDs built in to the dome, equipped with an Automatic CDS Sensor, images up to 30 feet can be seen in total darkness.

The IR's are strategically designed on the dome to prevent any reflection from occurring (IRF IR Reflection Free). The dome revolves 360 degrees and has a maximum swivel angle of 60 degrees, so regardless of how it is installed, it can be adjusted to get any view. The standard lens is a 3.6mm board lens, but is available in 6 or 8mm for a closer view.

For more information , call KT&C USA at 888-767-2288.

New Linux Embedded DVR

Now available from GNS is a Linux embedded DVR system, the GSR516. It features 16 looping video inputs with 480 fps display and 112 fps recording. It can be controlled by an IR remote, mouse, or front panel buttons and jog/shutter wheel.

Internal storage options range from 120GB to 1TB and data can be archived to the internal CDRW or other media devices using the front side USB port. The system offers a compression rate of an average of 2.5kb per frame and captures sharp, high resolution images.

Multiple systems can be accessed remotely with client software over a network using either a static or dynamic IP address.

For more information, visit

Incident Reporting Software

Security Management Consulting of Raleigh, NC, introduces the InciTrack NetApp Incident Tracking Network Appliance. InciTrack NetApp takes its InciTrack incident reporting software and embeds it onto a standalone, embedded network appliance platform that makes deployment and administration a snap. This server can be installed and ready to run in under 15 minutes. InciTrack is a 100% web-based incident tracking software package which allows multiple users to create, update, track, or report almost any kind of incident, such as criminal acts, accidents, or work injuries. Its incident reporting history will help your customers to identify trends and patterns, and address any legal issues that may arise from such events.

For more information,