Hot Products: September

Security Recording For Small Retailers Sanyo Security Products makes security recording and playback easier and more affordable for small retail establishments with its hard drive recorder, DSR-3506. It's ideal for security installations in...

A Card Lamination Module, Magnetic Stripe Encoder and E-Card Docking Station are available as factory-installed options. For more information, visit

All The Benefits Of A Web-Based System

TAC Xenta 527 is a Web-based graphical interface to access TAC's I/NET Seven high-performance security system and TAC Vista, an open system building management solution. Xenta 527 provides 24-hour access to monitor alarms and modify reports from any location with Internet connection. I/NET Seven is a flexible, reliable, security and energy management solution for integrated, interoperable building management, including access-initiated control, powerful reporting, scalable software, CCTV and video badging capabilities, and critical alarm monitoring. For more information, visit

Motion Analysis Camera Control Software

Photron USA, Inc. introduces Motion Tools, an automated slow motion analysis camera control software. Designed for use with Photron's PC-based high speed video cameras, the software package is included at no additional charge with Photron's high speed video cameras, the FASTCAM PCI, FASTCAM-X 1280 PCI and the FASTCAM-X 512 PCI. The basic camera control and image replay software includes simple, automatic single-point tracking, or a manual tracking feature that captures one to four points per frame. Optional modules are available offering a variety of additional feature. For more information, visit

Get DVD Quality Video Allied Security Professionals offers versatile 60 to 240 FPS video capture rates and 80Gb to 800Gb storage capacity with its new 16-channel Omni-R DVR. Simultaneous audio recording on all 16 channels is also available. When set for the highest image resolution, the unit records video at DVD-quality, capturing even the smallest details. Other features include built-in digital inputs and outputs, remote viewing capability, control of most brand-name PTZ cameras, and multiple monitor support. For more information, visit

Meeting The Needs of Security And IT

The MPEG-4 IP speed dome camera from Comtex is an industrial-grade speed dome. Comtex has embedded a leading-edge MPEG-4 codec into this product which offers high-resolution video transmission over Ethernet protocol. One of the factors driving demand for IP-addressable cameras is the increasing use of wireless transmission for video surveillance and monitoring applications. With the fully integrated Comtex dome, attaching analog cameras to external encoders is no longer necessary since the video is digitized and compressed inside the dome.

Mace M-Series -- The M Series gateways connect you directly to all the information in the field. Controlling multiple cameras in parallel (with on-line PTZ control), Video Motion Detection on all cameras, integrated sensor inputs (proximity, door open, etc) and full DVR capabilities on all video channels gives you a full grasp on what's going on out there. You monitor the situation in real-time, or let the system alert you when something happens: motion, sensor activation or security breach.

With the vast support of data networks (including LAN, Wi-Fi, analog phone lines and all cellular protocols), together a line of (PCs, PDAs and cellular phones) information is accessible from anywhere. Whether you are in the Control Center, at home or on the road, the data is there for you. Visit for more information.

Get The Signal

Edwards Signaling & Security Systems presents the Adaptatone Millennium Mini-Mi compact audible signal. With a 6 by 5 footprint, the Mini-Mi has the same high performance standards as Edwards' full-sized Adaptatone Millennium Signaling Systems but with a low profile and cost. Mini-Mi's modular design delivers the right solution for any application where audible devices are appropriate: speaker amplifier, stand-alone tone generation, or field-recorded voice operation.

It's weatherproof and available with RS485 connectivity and a UL 1971 rated strobe. The unit is also compatible with Edwards' new Millennium Event Driver Interface software (MEDI) for remote signaling and scheduling throughout a facility directly from a laptop or desktop. For more information, visit