Hot Products: September

Security Recording For Small Retailers Sanyo Security Products makes security recording and playback easier and more affordable for small retail establishments with its hard drive recorder, DSR-3506. It's ideal for security installations in...

Turnstile Access

The OptiStile 220SB from Gunnebo Omega incorporates anti-tailgating technology into a compact, four foot long pedestal. Designed for environments where space is limited and a high level of security is required, the physical barriers on the 220SB can be set to either pop out when an unwanted user enters the lane, or alternatively, as a normally closed barrier, only opening upon presentation of a valid access control card.

Also new from Gunnebo Omega is the Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen system that manages the turnstile lanes. Real time observations to better serve the management of flow control is enhanced by the touch screen system. It provides information such as live people counts entering and exiting, with running totals per lane and alarm modes that enhances people flow management. For more information, visit

An Intelligent Card Printer

Zebra's P520i is an intelligent dual-sided color card printer that harnesses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to automate key processes and make it easier to use. It quickly and easily produces high-quality, secure laminated photo ID cards on site and on demand for medium- to large-volume applications. The P205 is designed primarily for companies and organizations looking to create personalized identification, membership, and guest or loyalty cards. Large numbers of personalized color cards can be created by ordering custom cards with a pre-printed color logo and images and then personalizing them with a Zebra P205 printer. The printer easily adds information such as a customer's name, black & white photo, account number, and length of affiliation to the front or back of a card. Additional information can also be printed on the card in the form of a bar code. For more information, visit

Another ASIS Rollout

Synergistics Inc. introduces Presidio, a multi-featured access control system that is completely Web-based and requires no locally installed software. Presidio is scalable to meet any configuration and can be completely integrated with various industry leading access control system hardware controllers. Through the use of 128SSL encryption, alarms and events can be securely monitored in real-time via the Internet/Intranet with alarm event information routed automatically to cell phones, pagers and e-mail. Other standard features include: alarm prioritization, anti-passback capability, scheduled reports via email and online help screens.

Supported by intelligent modular controllers, Presidio downloads cardholder and other configuration information in order to determine access levels. It is programmable for up to 255 different access levels and can control entry points and alarms from the front door to the elevators. Built on a fully networkable, IP-addressable hardware platform, Presidio is accessible through TCP/IP via the Internet/Intranet/LAN or wireless connection. For more information, visit

CCTV Power Supplies

Honeywell Power Products (HPP) introduces its CCTV Power Supply products. They are designed for a wide variety of applications and provide a constant source of individually fused AC outputs to operate CCTV cameras and other video accessories. With both 12VDC and 24VAC, from 300ma to 8 amps of fully regulated supply current.

HPP's new CCTV Power Supply Group features incoming power fused on both the primary and secondary side, hinged and vented enclosures with seven convenient knockouts, a power disconnect switch, input and output transient protection, and individually fused 4, 8, or 16 outputs with LED status indicators for each output. All transformers have built-in thermal overload protection: HPP's distribution boards handle over-current protection with either easily replaceable automotive style fuses (which are widely available), or auto-reset PTC's that do not need replacing.

The power supplies are UL listed. For more information, visit