Hot Products: September

Security Recording For Small Retailers Sanyo Security Products makes security recording and playback easier and more affordable for small retail establishments with its hard drive recorder, DSR-3506. It's ideal for security installations in...

Long Range Fiber Optic Video Camera

Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc., offers a new camera that provides quality imaging for both long and short-range CCTV applications. The unit includes a vandal-resistant camera housing, optical converter, voltage regulator, CCD camera, 3.5 - 8mm vari-focal auto-iris lens, sun shroud, camera mount and ST connections. Options include heater, and choice of multimode or singlemode cameras in color or black & white. The color version switches to black & white at night for maximum image quality.

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Decode Digital Video and Audio

Axis Communications launches the AXIS 292 Network Video Decoder, which enables customers to decode digital video and audio from Axis network video products into analog signals. The AXIS 292 is designed for situations where an analog monitor is required for the surveillance applications, such as a public display TV monitor in a retail store, or in a remote surveillance center that largely employs CCTV equipment.

The AXIS 292 enables users to decode digital video and audio streams, converting them into analog signals sent over the network. The signals can then be connected to standard analog devices, such as CCTV or public display TV monitors, as well as existing video switching systems.

The AXIS 292 can decode full frame rate 30fps MPEG-2 video for all resolutions, including Full D1 (720x576) video. When running Motion JPEG, the AXIS 292 will be able to decode video up to CIF at full frame rate.

It decodes video and audio from all current Axis Motion JPEG and MPEG-2 based products. For more information, visit

Modern & Miniature

KT&C, USA introduces its' newest edition to its line of domes. The unit is modern, miniature and utilizes Sony's 1/3 Super HAD CCD to offer a picture quality of up to 480TV lines. Evolving from KT&C's low lux pinhole dome, this dome camera is more versatile and is suited to applications where there is absolutely no light. With 12 High Density IR LEDs built in to the dome, equipped with an Automatic CDS Sensor, images up to 30 feet can be seen in total darkness.

The IR's are strategically designed on the dome to prevent any reflection from occurring (IRF IR Reflection Free). The dome revolves 360 degrees and has a maximum swivel angle of 60 degrees, so regardless of how it is installed, it can be adjusted to get any view. The standard lens is a 3.6mm board lens, but is available in 6 or 8mm for a closer view.

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New Linux Embedded DVR

Now available from GNS is a Linux embedded DVR system, the GSR516. It features 16 looping video inputs with 480 fps display and 112 fps recording. It can be controlled by an IR remote, mouse, or front panel buttons and jog/shutter wheel.

Internal storage options range from 120GB to 1TB and data can be archived to the internal CDRW or other media devices using the front side USB port. The system offers a compression rate of an average of 2.5kb per frame and captures sharp, high resolution images.

Multiple systems can be accessed remotely with client software over a network using either a static or dynamic IP address.

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Incident Reporting Software

Security Management Consulting of Raleigh, NC, introduces the InciTrack NetApp Incident Tracking Network Appliance. InciTrack NetApp takes its InciTrack incident reporting software and embeds it onto a standalone, embedded network appliance platform that makes deployment and administration a snap. This server can be installed and ready to run in under 15 minutes. InciTrack is a 100% web-based incident tracking software package which allows multiple users to create, update, track, or report almost any kind of incident, such as criminal acts, accidents, or work injuries. Its incident reporting history will help your customers to identify trends and patterns, and address any legal issues that may arise from such events.