Sometimes In Business, It Takes Two

Urban Alarm and Right-One Security demonstrate the key to a great business relationship

Like any good marriage, when two security companies work well together the sum can become greater that the parts.
Such is the case when Urban Alarm (a division of SaiComm LLC) and Right-One Security team up on security contracts. Located in the Washington, D.C. area-Urban Alarm within the District and Right-One in Rockville, Md.-the companies work together and pass projects back and forth, enabling each operation to stay successful in today's demanding environment.
One good example of their ability to work together to craft a solution that works for a customer is the job they completed in July at a waterfront rowing club on the Potomac River.

"It was great to have a group of people in the same ballpark, with the same mindset working on the project," said George Kirschbaum, chairperson of the security committee for the Potomac Boat Club. The club was having issues with break-ins and theft. The solution they decided on allows security committee members to see camera views remotely, either on a computer or cell phone and to be able to respond appropriately.

"This is a good deterrent to people who might have ideas or who slipped into the house earlier," Kirschbaum said. "They are learning that is no longer an option." Having the synergy of two local companies assured the club of a good solution.

Customers come first

"Our customers tend to value working with a local business that is engaged in the community," said Miles Fawcett, president of Urban Alarm. "Such companies can be difficult to find," he added.

"It is nice to have found a company with the same philosophy," echoed Rick Karas, president of Right-One Security. "Urban is also a local company and Miles's philosophy is very much like my own. We decided that it would be better for each of our companies to stay focused on what we did best and to refer to each other those projects which the other was better capable of handling and had greater expertise in."

Right-One handles an 80/20 mix of government and commercial jobs. However, the projects with Urban Alarm are mainly commercial.

And while Urban Alarm does not provide locksmith services, they do frequent offices and businesses daily that require those sophisticated services. "In the past we have not addressed those requirements at all," Fawcett said. "Now we are able to provide a direct referral to Right-One."

It is the classic win-win-win for Right-One, Urban Alarm and the customer, as the two continue their cross-branding and mutually beneficial business arrangement.

Both firms like to use technology to their advantage. Cell phones, which allow photography, SMS messaging and e-mail correspondence, are a big part of that. "As soon as we feel that we have the information we need, we immediately contact each other," Karas said. The thorough analysis by one party often saves the other a walk out to the job site since the other has already been there. "This gives us a great advantage in saving time," added Karas. "We can immediately start on the project and usually save about one day's time."

Project details

A good example of the synergy of the two companies in action is the project at the Potomac Boat Club.

The club had cameras but those only showed what had occurred. "We went in and identified a range of issues that could be addressed through electronic security measures," Fawcett explained. In consultation with Right-One, they identified issues that could be addressed with mechanical security measures.

The Club is a volunteer organization with no time to waste and no full-time guard. The members really felt the value of having a single team working for them towards a comprehensive solution.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of the electronic systems Urban Alarm installed (e.g., card access) were reinforced by those installed by Right-One (e.g., latch guards and gate locks).

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