Sometimes In Business, It Takes Two

Urban Alarm and Right-One Security demonstrate the key to a great business relationship

After high school, he briefly studied aviation maintenance but soon returned to locksmithing when he received a job offer from the U.S. government. "My 11 years in government introduced me to containers, high security systems, industrial safes, vaults, algebraic systems-everything our government uses to protect its employees, assets and property," said Karas.

While Right-One did focus on electronics for some time, about four years ago Karas decided he wanted to get back to his roots in locksmithing, especially high-security lock services. "I wanted a company that could take care of my client list," he said.

He made a few calls to companies he knew but nothing worked. Then he cold-called Miles Fawcett and something clicked. They talked for an hour on the phone and followed up over coffee. "What really drew me to Urban Alarm is that Miles knows the customer comes first," Karas said. "He takes care of the customer."

There are a lot of similarities between the two companies, both men agree. "It's almost like looking in a mirror if my company did electronics," Karas said.

Curt Harler is a freelance writer and regular contributor to SD&I magazine. He can be reached at