The A&E Touch

The consultative approach is an early, critical component in video system design

With building design ever changing, an A&E firm can serve as an integral role in effectively negotiating all important aspects of a security system implementation with the end user before project installation gets under way. For the integrator, the benefit comes in knowing exactly what features are needed as well as the increased scope of the project. The end result is a complete design package in which no concerns are left unanswered.

Solutions Provider Goes a Step above the Rest to Provide Added Features and Functionalities

During the past 15 years, SSOE has worked with such technology solutions providers as Panasonic System Networks Co., Secaucus, N.J., to choose products that meet their customer's needs. Through this close relationship, SSOE recognizes the vendor's efforts in updating their perimeter detection and video solutions (among others) with functionalities that meet SSOE customer's needs, including:

- Aiding in detection and monitoring of unwanted intruders utilizing Auto-Tracking technology, implemented on certain Panasonic analog and IP security cameras;
- Graphic User Interface (GIU) integrated solutions which allow an operator monitoring a command and control center to enable or disable certain functions of a camera or other device without disabling the entire security system on site;
- Taking information that was primarily processed at the head-end and storing that information at the edge; and
- Assisting in the creation of new technologies to meet client needs.

Jim Otte is a senior communications designer at SSOE Group. Reach him at or visit