Purple Tree Technology Experts Identify Three Trends That Will Determine Winners and Losers in Adoption of Emergency Alert Techn

COLUMBIA, Mo. , April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Advances in emergency alert system technology are moving quickly in response to the needs of consumers, public agencies and private organizations. "We believe that immediacy, mobility and privacy are critical components of successful emergency alert systems," said Richard A. Happel , CEO of Purple Tree Technologies, Inc., an advanced technology company based in Columbia, Missouri that has developed the PT2 electronic fob emergency alert system.

"We know that seconds, not minutes, save lives and systems that can instantaneously transmit warnings to mobile electronic devices ultimately are going to become the system of choice," said Richard Happel , CEO of Purple Tree Technologies. "Since Virginia Tech, various emergency alert systems have been introduced to the market. These text message and email systems have repeatedly failed to demonstrate the ability to transmit warnings in seconds. This kind of technology breaks down when thousands of messages are transmitted simultaneously. Queuing problems and signal redistribution logjams interfere with the speed of delivery and can add minutes to notification-minutes that have cost lives and caused unnecessary injury."

Mobility is the second critical component. In a recent survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 75 percent of Americans said they have adopted wireless technology; landlines are becoming obsolete. "There has been a sea change in the way we receive and process information," said Happel. "We live in a mobile society. The days of being within earshot of a television or radio are over." Happel noted that state-of-the-art laptops are being replaced with smaller devices that integrate communication functions. "We have to recognize the reality of the way we live and communicate today and develop emergency alert systems that are mobile, even wearable."

Privacy and consumer preference are the most overlooked aspect of effective emergency alert systems, according to Purple Tree experts. "Students on campuses today are hesitant to sign up for emergency text messages," said Happel. "For example, only 19 percent of the students at University of Missouri have registered with the campus emergency notification system despite promotions and repeated requests from the administration. Clearly, there is a concern about privacy and releasing personal information. Emergency alert systems have to be designed to address consumer preferences and the need for privacy."

Happel said that research and development at Purple Tree has focused on developing a product that addresses the issues of immediacy, mobility and privacy. "We are introducing an electronic device called the PT2 e-fob that can be attached to backpacks, key chains, belts and bikes and fit into pockets, purses and vehicles. The e-fob is about the size of a car key and is capable of receiving geo-specific emergency alert messages within seconds of transmission from official sources, security officials and other secure sources. The system does not require individuals to release personal information like cell phone numbers or email addresses to receive notifications. We believe the e-fob will change the way we approach emergency alert messaging by providing a simple, handy, reliable device that is private, easy to carry, easy to use and can save lives."

About Purple Tree Technologies, Inc.:

Purple Tree Technologies, Inc., a privately held company based in Columbia, Missouri , is the developer of the only emergency alert response system technology capable of broadcasting geo-specific emergency alerts to freestanding electronic fobs (e-Fobs) the size of a key and through cell phone networks. This interoperable system is capable of sending alerts in a matter of seconds to individuals warning them of impending emergencies such as tornadoes, school violence, terrorist threats and child abductions. Purple Tree Technologies was founded in 2001 by Dr. Maurice Karl , a veteran electrical engineer and physical chemist. For more information, visit http://www.purpletreetechnologies.com.

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