Republican National Committee: Obama's Mistaken Security

Obama Fails To Understand The Threat Iran Poses To The U.S. And Our Allies WASHINGTON , May 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following was issued today by the Republican National Committee: Yesterday, Obama Said That Iran...

On CBS Evening News, Obama Listed Iran As The Country That Frightened Him Most And Said It Posed "A Significant Threat." CBS' Katie Couric : "What country frightens you the most, and what would you do about it as president?" Obama: "I think Iran poses a significant threat to stability in the Middle East . So I think we have to talk to Iran directly. And when we talk to Iran direc tly, even if there are profound disagreements there, that will send a signal to the world that we are not simply seeking to impose our will without paying attention to what other countries think. And that kind of dialogue has not taken place. This president has refused to do it. I think it's a profound mistake. JFK once said we should never negotiate out of fear, but we should never fear to negotiate." (CBS' "Evening News," 12/12/07)

Obama: " Iran's nuclear ambitions pose a serious threat to the United States , to our ally Israel and to international security." (Obama For America, "Statement Of Senator Barack Obama On Additional Sanctions On Iran," Press Release, 3/4/08)

Obama: "Everybody would acknowledge that Iran is stronger now than it was before this war started and that they have always been a significant threat -- in fact, a much more significant threat than Saddam Hussein was. They actually are developing weapons of mass destruction." (MSNBC's "Reaction To The State Of The Union Address," 1/23/07)

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