Press Briefing by the National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley

WASHINGTON , May 18 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following in a transcript of a press briefing by the National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley : Continental Garden Reef Resort Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt 11:30 A.M. (Local...

Again, work in progress. And at this point in time, I think we are going to try and to -- have to deal with the threat Hamas poses, try to counter, as the Israelis are, their efforts to derail this peace process, so that we can present to the people -- so that President Abbas can present to the people of Gaza the stark choice I described.

Q Can I follow up quickly? Were there specific tactical things that you discussed with your moderate Arab allies this week to do on Iran -- things either at the United Nations, on sanctions, on military options -- any specific things that you -- the President discussed with our allies--

MR. HADLEY: There were a lot of discussions of ideas about what to do, and I'm not going to -- in a position really to go into them.

Q Could you elaborate on the context of the -- (inaudible) -- discussed the issue of human rights and political prisoners with President Mubarak? And what was the reaction of Mubarak?

MR. HADLEY: As you'll -- can see from the President's speech, he talks very much about his concern about political prisoners, about pressure against opposition, the need for free media, the need for NGOs and other civil society groups to be able to flourish. He calls very clearly for the release of those people who have been incarcerated and greater freedom for all of those groups. The comment is very clear, and also the need for democracy and freedom in the region. As we've also said, he did raise the issue with President Mubarak, including the issue of Ayman Nour , and he gave his best advice and counsel to the President of Egypt .

SOURCE White House Press Office