The security week that was: 09/26/08

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Honeywell is out with a new ammonium-nitrate based fertilizer that doesn't have the explosive properties of the traditional ammonium nitrate fertilizer. The classic fertilizer, of course, was used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing at the Murrah Federal Building. ... Chemical sensing companies are lobbying the government to allow for the inclusion of such sensor networks into homeland security grants; so far, the DHS grants have not been allowed to cover such early-warning chemical threat detection systems. ... At least some markets aren't slowing down. Georgia's Richmond County school distric just announced its intention to install a 1,500-camera surveillance and recording system, and they're also buying walk-through metal detection technologies. ... PC Magazine did an interesting round-up on the "10 most mysterious cyber crimes", and speaking of computer security, the ISC2 certification organization for IT security staff has developed a certification for software programmers who want recognition that their wares have security as an intrinsic design component.

In the forums
Uniforms for covert LP?

Our forum members were busy discussing loss prevention tactics, and some were pointing out the foolishness of a "uniform" for undercover LP associates. Sure, just go ahead and try to blend in as a customer in a gritty urban retail environment when you're wearing a freshly pressed button-up, collared shirt and nice slacks.

Finally, we close with a look at our top-read stories of the week (I recommend you read about how Tim Bohr manages surveillance at one of the world's biggest casinos if you haven't done so yet):