Remarks by President Bush, Prime Minister Harper of Canada, and President Calderon of Mexico in a Joint Press Availability

WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is a transcript of remarks by President Bush , Prime Minister Harper of Canada , and President Calderon of Mexico in a joint press availability: Fairmont Le Chateau...

WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is a transcript of remarks by President Bush , Prime Minister Harper of Canada , and President Calderon of Mexico in a joint press availability:

PRIME MINISTER HARPER: (As translated.) Might I, first and foremost, thank all the people here and the citizens of Montebello for giving such a warm Quebec welcome. You are quite right to be proud of your beautiful Montebello manoir and the area.

As the leaders of the three countries, our discussions between President Bush and myself were very cordial, constructive. Our three countries maintain peaceful, productive relations and give great contributions to our people. It is part and parcel of our commitment to democracy, free market, NAFTA, and the equality of chances to all citizens.

This is a unique moment to look at the individual aspects that we could look at and the challenges that we have to face. We agreed to discuss the protection of the consumer and looking at the non-secure products entering the nations, in particular those going to our children.

We also recognize the fact to find practical, pragmatic solutions to our mutual environmental challenges. Our countries are working to find our own sustainable energy and to find national standards on energy efficiency.

Finally -- and this is particularly important for Canada-- we realize that border security must not threaten the friendly relations that we have. We undertook agreements on cooperation, standards, regulations, intellectual property, and research in the energy field. In the framework of this summit, we met the North American Competitiveness Council. Their leaders provided us with valuable information on how we could exploit our partnership in the field of security and prosperity to strengthen our economies and to create good jobs here in North America .

Our discussions did not merely deal with North America . We also discussed a number of other international and hemispheric questions: climate change, and to the next meeting of the Middle East discussions, where our countries are defending democracy and freedom, and protecting the have-nots.

This summit enabled us to discuss our singular bilateral discussions. President Bush and myself met yesterday afternoon. We discussed a number of subjects, in particular our joint commitment to have a secure border that shall remain open to goods and services, and to the interaction between the our respective citizens.

President Calderon and myself also had a meeting yesterday evening, and I would like to thank President Calderon and his wife Margarita and their children, Maria, Felipe, for having passed a wonderful time with us last weekend. We understand that you have had to shorten your stay, due to the consequences of Hurricane Dean on your country. I sincerely regret the terrible aspect of this Hurricane Dean on Mexico , but I understand the concern, that the Mexican authorities have assisted in evacuating a Canadian citizen.

We have also been able to arrange our agenda yesterday to discuss important matters for our respective nations. We were able to discuss a number of different matters, and the flourishing development of trade between our two countries, and that we shall pursue in the future Canada , United States and Mexico , our good neighbors and good friends.

As sovereign nations in our modern world, we are not merely independent but also interdependent. And we are determined to cooperate for our mutual security, our continued economic growth, and the improvement of our North American relations are unique in the world.

(Speaks in English.) -- the staff here and the people of Montebello for their warm Quebecois hospitality. You have every reason to be proud of this magnificent resort and this beautiful region.

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