Government applications drive biometric growth

Commercial sector waiting for trickle down, say Biometric Consortium Conference attendees

And much like others technologies in the physical security space, many of the small biometric vendors have almost ceased to exist; they've simply been acquired by larger companies in recent years.

"There are very few single-solution technology companies left in the biometric market," said Ryan. "Today if you don't offer more than one modality to your customer, you are not going to survive."

While the tenor of the Tampa conference centered on government agency applications, Ryan and other market observers agree that the commercial sector stands to benefit from this new biometric surge.

"As larger federal and government initiatives are deployed and the success stories continue to expand, it will provide a renewed sense of credibility to the technology we may have lost among our commercial users," said Ryan. "Now don't misunderstand, there are plenty of very large commercial applications that are extremely successful and have been operating for some time. But as the large integrators create more open system opportunities for biometrics among agency users, I think you will see more excitement for the technology on the corporate side. [It is] very similar to what is happening with credentialing."