New Information Security Firm, Halock Security Labs(TM), Formed After Successful Takeover

CHICAGO , Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- After 10 years of building a loyal client base in finance, healthcare and retail, Remington Associates' partners Terry Kurzynski and Jeremy Simon engineered a bloodless takeover to realize the full potential of their philosophy of Purpose Driven Security(TM) and relaunched the firm as Halock Security Labs(TM). "In order to execute this vision, we recognized the need to restructure the organization as a firm capable of addressing both the strategic and technical security needs of our clients," says Terry Kurzynski, Halock's CEO.

Purpose Driven Security(TM) is Halock's unique service philosophy that derives solutions from its client's strategy or Information Security Policy. "Historically, traditional infosec firms have oversold security that may not be 'appropriate' for an organization's needs," says Kurzynski.

"Most of the traditional security firms have one hammer and everything looks like a nail, thereby putting client's information assets at risk," says Jeremy Simon , Halock's CTO. "Most vendors approach clients already 'knowing' the solutions to solve their client's problems. They have their tools and their goal is to map your needs to their limited toolset," he adds.

"How could we in good conscience recommend solutions that did not trace back to enterprise security requirements and the Information Security Policy? Our approach from the beginning has been to clarify and harmonize our client's legislative, regulatory, contractual and business requirements for security, and pair that up to appropriate solutions," says Kurzynski.

Halock applies its philosophy systematically; first identifying all of the client's security requirements and developing an appropriate strategy and Information Security Policy; Halock then assesses a client's ability to meet those requirements. "Only after these steps have been taken can we help determine appropriate controls for closing the gaps," says Simon. "It is the translation from strategy to implementation of controls where most traditional firms fall short. We educate and enable our clients to build and maintain their own Information Security Program. This process defines Purpose Driven Security(TM)."

Halock offers a full range of services that are interconnected: Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) compliance and validation, ISO 27001 Readiness, Systems and Application Security, and Ethical Hacking training.

When asked about the origin of the Halock name, Kurzynski explains that he is a retired skydiver and the root name HALO stands for High-Altitude-Low-Opening. "It's a fitting analogy," says Kurzynski, "we saw the opportunity and knew we had to do a heads-down dive and move fast".

About Halock Security Labs:

Halock Security Labs (formerly Remington Associates) is a professional services organization focused 100% on information security. Halock's core services include Assessments, Security Strategy, Network & Systems Security, and Web Application Security. Halock's Purpose Driven Security(TM) philosophy is designed to protect the critical information assets of clients as well as to meet compliance needs.

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