Training Tomorrow’s CCTV Designers

A Q&A with Pelco’s JR Correa, taking CCTV training to vocational schools

They’d be really high candidates for a job because they’ve already had training and they’ve received certificates in different areas that we give out. We know that they have experience with Pelco, and we also have a couple integrators who are looking at these kids, because now they know how to install a camera and how to run cabling.

What’s the future look like for this video surveillance vocation training program?

We have four more schools coming on board next year, and we’re just trying to let it grow locally so we can get some of the bumps and bruises out of it. Eventually and hopefully, we could offer this where anyone wants it. And because our industry is worldwide, if we lay down a good foundation, it’s something that could be continued in other places.

Some of these kids might come out of high school and take jobs as technicians, but we might just trigger something in them that they want to go to college and invent the next analytics. They might be the ones to develop the next generation of an IP solution.