Morgan Hill Live Oak High School's New Video Monitoring and Network Provides Enhanced Upgrades to Campus Efficiency and Safety

SAN JOSE , Calif., Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- PWT-IT Solutions Inc. a leading IT resource solution provider and 3Com(R) Gold service partner, announced today the completion of a new data and video monitoring network implementation for the Morgan...

SAN JOSE , Calif., Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- PWT-IT Solutions Inc. a leading IT resource solution provider and 3Com(R) Gold service partner, announced today the completion of a new data and video monitoring network implementation for the Morgan Hill Unified School District's, (MHUSD) Live Oak High School.

Live Oak High School is one of 12 school constituents of the Morgan Hill Unified School District. Located at the extreme southern end of the Silicon Valley, Live Oak serves more than 1,300 students with the support of over 120 teachers, administrators and staff.

"PWT-IT Solutions provided the most cost effective bid and based on its ability to meet our RFP project requirements, as well as proven expertise in large scale school network implementations we selected them for the project," said Al Solis , Director of Facilities Construction and Modernization, MHUSD. "Working closely with us and our technical project leads Rich Garrison and Austin Vang of Alfa Tech Cambridge Group, PWT-IT implemented an extensive 3Com data network overhaul and campus video surveillance system. The video surveillance system is our new front line in campus security management. It enables us to report, record and store events such as vandalism, altercations or unauthorized access to the school property in real-time. The new system allows us to constantly monitor for the safety of our students and staff."

PWT-IT designed the new video LAN network around the 3Com Switch 5500 based on their advanced feature sets, power and proven reliability. The 3Com Switch 5500s provide Live Oak with a Gigabit connection from the edge to the core and 100Mb of bandwidth to the user. The data network overhaul makes it possible to prioritize data flow and allocate greater bandwidth for high priority applications such as video surveillance.

"We designed the Live Oak video network to meet the stringent technology requirements of today's growing school communities," said Rany Polany, President of PWT-IT Solutions, Inc.

"We needed to ensure that the Live Oak administrators and staff would have unrivaled access to easy-to-use real-time data and video monitoring services. We were able to make the new network a true productivity enhancement to overall campus operations and we were able to complete the installation in just two weeks over the holiday break. Our strong partnership with 3Com allowed us to bring forward the ideal technical requirements within the most competitive pricing for the school district."

David Ricci , (PWT-IT Technical Project Manager), worked closely with District Staff, its technology consultants and a team of engineers from PWT-IT Solutions that specialize in video network construction and provide unique expertise in educational system-specific issues and requirements.

"In building the new 3Com switch network, MHUSD had concerns about the overall security for school data," said David Ricci . "To address these issues and prevent potential breaches, PWT-IT designed the network with various security features that enable the school to closely regulate the traffic on their network. The network design also aids in the prioritization of application flow, enabling performance control for each application that resides on the network."

At the heart of the new Live Oak video system is a network of 40 Sony High Resolution color cameras with rapid access 360-degree pan, tilt and zoom features providing comprehensive control management. The cameras are installed in environmentally protected housings and mounted to provide the school security staff and administration with the maximum video coverage possible. Camera placement was critical to providing effective coverage of the campus including its 17 buildings and 29 acre grounds. PWT-IT's engineering team designed and implemented the preset area of coverage, the amount of time each location would be monitored by the camera as well as the touring coverage and speed, with special attention paid to targeting specific campus "hot spots" and hidden points of entry.

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