The Security Week That Was: Aug. 10, 2007

A weekly surveillance of news shaping your profession

While casinos deal with a lot of cash, banks are increasingly storing money as digits within a complex and (hopefully) highly secure network environment. And, apparently, the bad guys are well aware that money isn't always the green stuff. IT security provider SecureWorks reported this week that they've seen attacks on banks up a full 81 percent in 2007.

Get up to Speed on Municipal Security
Webinar and articles on subject give integrators and end-users the background they need

A week ago we reported on the ABC News poll that Americans were in support of municipal surveillance systems. This week we followed up that report with a look at "The Value of Municipal Security Solutions," by Verint's Mariann McDonagh, who is participating in an upcoming SIW webinar (register here) on the same subject. If you're looking to tackle municipal surveillance solutions, consider the webinar and those two articles to be required homework.