Clear Statement on Its Selection as Provider for Registered Traveler Program at Atlanta Airport

NEW YORK , May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Clear CEO Steven Brill said: "Clear is delighted and honored to have learned today that the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has recommended to the City of Atlanta that Clear be awarded a contract for the Registered Traveler program. We now look forward to the opportunity to begin meeting with Airport officials and other key stakeholders to determine how and when the pilot program the Airport envisions might be launched consistent with the Airport's needs in a way that does not impede construction activities at the security lanes and enhances the mission of the Airport and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) while improving convenience for all passengers. Our intention is to meet and exceed the understandably high expectations set by the management of the world's busiest airport."

About Clear

Clear, operated by Verified Identity Pass, Inc., has signed up more than 158,000 travelers nationwide. Clear cards are accepted at 17 U.S. airports: Albany , Cincinnati , Denver , Indianapolis , Jacksonville , LaGuardia (Central Terminal B Checkpoint), Little Rock , New York JFK (Terminals 1, 4 and 7), Newark (Terminal B2), Oakland , Orlando , Reno , San Francisco , San Jose , Washington, DC's Reagan and Dulles, and Westchester . Clear lanes will open this month at Salt Lake City International Airport. Clear members are pre-screened and provided with a high-tech card which allows them to access designated security lanes nationwide. Clear members pass through the security checkpoint faster, with more predictability and less hassle. The annual fee of $100 (plus a $28 TSA vetting fee) is charged once applicants are approved by the government. Applicants start their enrollment at and complete the process at an enrollment location where their fingerprints and iris images are captured and their identification is validated. Clear's registered traveler program has been operational since July 19, 2005 . For more information, please visit: