SecureCore: Surveillance, Protection, Security

LAS VEGAS , Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- In its continuing efforts to make neighborhoods safer, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department has selected SecureCore to demonstrate its crime-deterring security system. The 30-day demonstration of SecureCore's surveillance and monitoring technology began on Thursday, August 2 .

The ballistic surveillance enclosure has a number of features specifically designed for the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and the area's warm climate, including remote controlled day and night video cameras customized for wireless video surveillance applications. The overt, pole-mounted enclosures are designed to be distributed city-wide to deter crime and assist first responders.

SecureCore, a SupplyCore Company, is an advanced surveillance systems integrator specializing in community-wide video monitoring systems. SecureCore is committed to working with local law enforcement agencies, housing authorities, and first responders to improve public safety. Each of SecureCore's surveillance enclosures are custom engineered to the customer's requirements. SecureCore's system is one of the most advanced video surveillance solutions available.

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