Hush Communications and Baneki Privacy Computing Team to Offer Comprehensive VPN-Based Network Security

CHILLIWACK, British Columbia , May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Baneki Privacy Computing, a private company specializing in best-in-class privacy and security tools for everyday users, has entered in a co-marketing agreement with Hush Communications for its TrueOnlineSecurity VPN service ("ToS"). The two companies, who will jointly promote the service as a useful enhancement to the industry-leading suite of privacy and security tools currently offered by Hush, including Hushmail.

"It is an honor to work jointly with Hush, and on behalf of the entire Baneki team I look forward to our joint efforts," states Douglas Spink , Baneki's Chief Technology Officer. "Hush has been a leader in providing open, secure, customer-friendly privacy services for over a decade; in truth, they have been an inspiration for much of the initial approach we have taken to our VPN service at Baneki," he continues.

Visitors to Hush's main website,, will have the opportunity to take advantage of discounted subscription rates for Baneki's TrueOnlineSecurity service (at In order to maximize security for customers, billing and customer service between the two brands will be handled separately. However, Baneki has indicated its intention to offer a billing capability,, that will enable closer integration without security sacrifice. is expected to make its public appearance before the end of 2008.

TrueOnlineSecurity is a subscription-based VPN service that securely encrypts and transmits all data coming and going from a subscriber's PC, via a server farm in Amsterdam , using the same leading-edge, open encryption tools that underlie Hushmail. With a Java client wrapping the well-respected OpenVPN code in a more customer-friendly stance, ToS' service allows customers to entirely bypass worries regarding ISP surveillance, traffic shaping, backbone-level privacy intrusions, and many other threats to online privacy and security. With all traffic 'tunneled' through a secure, encrypted pipeline to Baneki's secure servers in privacy-friendly Amsterdam , ToS customers enjoy genuine piece of mind that their online activities -- including their publicly-visible IP address -- are secure and anonymous.

Adds Ben Cutler of Hush Communications: "This joint marketing effort is a good example of Hush's commitment to bringing our customers a wide range of best-in-class, user-friendly technologies to keep their privacy from slipping away. We think Baneki's well-respected VPN service is a natural extension of our own offerings, and serves to enhance and extend our core Hushmail service. New threats to privacy present themselves almost every day, and it will take like-minded, technologically-based companies like ours to enable people all around the world to remain secure in their online communications."

Concludes Baneki's Spink: "Hush is a rock-solid supporter of real-world privacy protection whose credibility in that regard is unmatched. Our choice to engage with Hush demonstrates Baneki's strong confidence in their integrity, honesty, accountability, and good intention. Baneki's well-earned credibility in strongly supporting individual autonomy, diversity, and genuine freedom of expression even in the face of real-world pressures resonates well with the groundbreaking work Hush has been doing for years."

About Baneki Privacy Computing, Incorporated (TrueOnlineSecurity)

Baneki Privacy Computing owns and manages several market-specific VPN services, including goldensVPN (, TorrentFreedom (, and TrueOnlineSecurity ( Primary operational infrastructure is based in the Netherlands , with additional in-house server capacity in other privacy-friendly jurisdictions worldwide. With a geographically distributed team composed of best-of-breed technologists and marketers who share a passion for solid, affordable, easy-to-use privacy technology, Baneki is proud to support diverse communities both inside and outside the company. Press inquiries may be directed to or to Marc Tager , Baneki's President, at 877-909-9988.

About Hush Communications (Hushmail)

Hush Communications delivers global managed PKI security solutions and innovative encryption key-serving technology. Whether you require a tailored solution for a corporate environment, an affordable outsourced security system for your SME, or indeed a personal easily accessible secure e-mail account, Hush has the solution to secure your communications!

Hushmail is a Web-based e-mail service that lets you send and receive e-mail in total security. Hushmail messages, and their attachments, are encrypted using Open PGP standard algorithms. These algorithms, combined with Hushmail's unique key management system, offer users unrivalled levels of security. Hushmail's security ensures that email messages can only be read by the sender and its intended recipients.

Hushmail's encryption works automatically, transparently and seamlessly, requiring no specialized computer skills or knowledge. Encrypting a message is as simple as clicking a mouse.

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