The Security Week That Was: A Recap - Dec. 2-8, 2006

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Yet another headache for security directors
VoIP wiretapping a new concern

Security of VoIP systems is a new concern. Scanit, a security consulting and management firm is warning that phone tapping has been made easier because of lax VoIP security, and that many businesses in the Middle East are falling prey to this trend. In fact, Cisco's public relations department issued a similar statement about VoIP security this week when it said "Message tampering, eavesdropping, voice spam, registration hijacking, server impersonation, session teardown and denial of service are some of the security risks companies might be exposed to if they do not take appropriate security measures." The systems' weaknesses don't usually stem from placing an electronic bug on a phone; instead the systems are hacked. Chalk this up as the newest converged security threat.