MeshLinx Wireless Inc. and the City of Bay City, Texas Announce an Agreement for MeshLinx to Provide a Broadband Wireless Mesh N

BAY CITY, Texas, Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- MeshLinx Wireless, a provider of Citywide Wireless Mesh Networking Solutions, today announced that Bay City residents and commercial constituents will be offered a new high-speed access to the Internet. Bay City will allow MeshLinx to use city owned infrastructure to place their Access Points on in lieu of 150 free subscriber accounts for city personnel. The network offers higher speeds and better pricing than traditional last mile solutions such as DSL and Cable. The system will allow residents to access the system anywhere within the city, whether in their home, on the road or at any outdoor location within the city limits.

Doug Goodman (Bay Cities IT Director) is pleased with the councils decision to vote in favor of providing their citizens with another choice for high speed internet access as well as allowing city services and first responders the ability to access the city network from anywhere within the city from the same network their citizens will be using. Doug Goodman states "MeshLinx is bringing the most advanced Wi-Fi network to Bay City enabling his city to showcase many new applications valuable to both city government and first responders as well as a new level of connectivity for Bay City residents."

The MeshLinx network solution consists of one device called an Access Point (AP). All of the Access Points are identical whether they are being used for a gateway connection, point-to point or for extending the networks reach to cover the entire city. These devices are placed on existing infrastructure such as light poles, electricity poles, buildings and sometimes even residential homes. Line of sight issues are tackled by the design, the technology and if needed, extra Access Point placements. The MeshLinx network will be designed specifically to help mitigate issues such as dense trees or buildings. Once the network is designed and the pre-installation work on node placements and gateway aggregation points is complete, the Access Points are simply plugged in and the network forms itself. The installation in Bay City will be put up in phases with some areas being online by as early as the end of 2007.

The technology consists of a 4.9 GHz subscriber radio to be utilized by city services, first responders and public building WLANS, a 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g) subscriber radio for public use, two radios operating as a fully duplexed backhaul operating at the 5.8GHz (802.11a) frequency, and one radio operating as a spectrum analyzer allowing interference signature analysis where the Network Operations Center can identify the actual interference source. Jack Harrod , MeshLinx CEO said, "MeshLinx will be utilizing a true software configurable radio solution (SCR) with a backhaul speed unrivaled by any other mesh vendor." It will have the flexibility of real time monitoring of interference, the ability to change frequencies in real time, a DHCP/HTTP server in each Access Point, a CLI interface, and a radius client in each AP to simplify authentication. Each MeshLinx AP can consist of between 3-12 radios, contains unique antenna systems, amplifiers and battery backup in each AP. The technology solution delivered to the city will produce the highest possible bandwidth, flexibility and reliability beyond the reach of any other mesh network in existence.

The next wave of Wi-Fi applications require a system such as the one designed by MeshLinx to run the next generation of applications such as Streaming video, Voice capability over the internet, mobile video on demand, low cost video surveillance on a city-wide basis and cost saving applications such as automated meter reading and traffic light control. This next wave of communications technology will bring every US and international city an economic boost, a critical new layer of Internet communication technology and many other critical applications for both homeland security and local communities.

MeshLinx Inc. (MeshLinx) is an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) of Mesh Wireless Technologies, a network owner/operator and a total network solution provider. Our core competencies include network surveys, design, product engineering, equipment manufacturing, and installation services. MeshLinx's capabilities reflect the experience of our management team which has extensive experience in mesh network deployments and the commercialization of new technologies such as DLP.

Bay City, the county seat of Matagorda County, is an incorporated city at the junction of State Highways 35 and 60, in the north central portion of the county 75 miles southwest of Houston and 20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico . The City of Bay City is not only the gateway to the great outdoors of beaches, and bays, but home to the South Texas Project (STP), one of the newest and most productive nuclear power plants nationwide and several plastics plants. The Bay City area truly provides "the good life" for business with an excellent business climate and an attractive, affordable lifestyle. In Bay City, small town values survive and a sense of community permeates every activity.

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SOURCE MeshLinx Wireless Inc.; The City of Bay City