Position Yourself for More RMR, Less Attrition

What can dealers bundle to increase RMR? Hint: It might be on the dashboard of your car

Getting Started

Interested? Don't rush too fast. Like I noted earlier, there are only a very few companies who have really invested time and money to figure out exactly how to make this work for our industry. This being a business column and not an advertisement, I'm not going to even name who's good and who's not so good. But I suggest you look into it, and find out what your customers' present and future needs might include. I assure you that some of your competitors are already on top of it and have or will take away some of your customers by offering added value bundled services. Make sure that the GPS technology provider can provide a good platform. The platform you buy into is what makes or breaks the business model - your customers won't be happy if the platform isn't easy to use and no one will be happy if the system doesn't have consistent uptime.

If you use a third party central, call them and ask them if they are already set up for GPS monitoring. They most likely are and you can ask them who they use and then dig in to research the company and to see how this might work for you. If you have your own central or attend association meetings, ask your colleagues if they use GPS and how it's working for them. The technology, which has military origins, works brilliantly, and has finally reached the point where it is extremely reliable, affordable, and -- unlike many other services we provide -- requires little if any subsidization. Many alarm dealers are reaping the benefits of this valuable revenue enhancing business, and I want to let you know this is a great thing to consider to help grow your business and keep more of your customers for the long term.

About the author: Bob Harris is managing director for The Attrition Busters. With over 30 years in the alarm industry, he provides seminars, business consulting, and workshops to help great companies become even better. Bob can be reached at (818) 730-4690 or by email at bobh@attritionbusters.com. Learn more about The Attrition Busters at www.attritionbusters.com.