QinetiQ North America Scientist Honored by National Reconnaissance Office

ARLINGTON, Va. , May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Jeffrey Goldman has received the James E. Morgan Award from the National Reconnaissance Office's (NRO) Operations Solution Group (OSG) in recognition of superior engineering, innovation, and achievement. An expert in predictive spatial intelligence at QinetiQ North America, Goldman was honored at an April 11th ceremony by OSG Director Captain Bernard Lessard .

Goldman's work integrates knowledge discovery techniques, difficult-to-capture human expertise, and geospatial information into a system that greatly enhances the effectiveness of reconnaissance efforts by narrowing searches to a range of locations of interest. These locations have a high probability of containing the items being sought. His technology is applicable not only to reconnaissance, but to search and rescue, disaster relief planning, infrastructure requirement projections, and even such commercial tasks as locating oil or mineral deposits and crime-risk assessment.

The Morgan Award honors James Morgan , a national reconnaissance pioneer who over three decades developed tasking and data dissemination architectures that became the NRO's model. Goldman is the first person to receive the award in the last five years. "I have a great engineering support team behind me to help make these concepts operational," Goldman says. "It's an honor to be included with such a high caliber of OSG pioneers. Jim Morgan was a legend who embodied the spirit of the former Operations Support Office with technical support to the military."

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